Spelling style

It may be of interest to note that some MIs have more antiquated spellings - see for example no. 68 on p13 ("Here lieth... a loyall subject... whoe marryed Mary..."). Since this spelling is clearly how it was written and intended, this older spelling is retained.

Typos and other corrections

The original book does have some typos: Where these obviously are typos and not for example an older spelling of a word it feels fine to correct these. Names are trickier: Hyphenated names between lines may be hyphenated anyway, and sometimes names are mis-spelt. Some specific words/names from the text are noted here re. ambiguous spellings or hyphenation etc:


Names split with hyphens

A list of names printed across 2 lines that are split with hyphens, where it is not obvious whether the two parts should be joined,