Owram, Stephen, 1672.

Palliser, A., 1723.

Pollard, John, Bishop Monkton, May, 1719.

Ramsden, Grace, 1692, aged 13.

Lies here interr'd within this grave,
Whom pretty carriage could not save;
Nor loveliness, nor youth, could free
From this doom of mortality.

Richardson, Matthew, 1695.

Richmond, David of Skelton; and, Ann his wife, 1670.

Shackelton, Jane, 1726, March 30th, who left 13 children.

S. S., for Sarah Shaw.

For purity of intention,
Sincerity and truth,
Uprightness in her profession,
A pattern from her youth.

Sweeting, Edward of York, Grocer, November 17th, 1705.

Sweeting, George, 1682.

Sweeting, Elizabeth, his daughter, 1716.

Spence, John, Grocer, May 11th, 1680.

Spence, Ann, his daughter, 1688.

Smithson, William, 2 sons and 1 daughter of, 1718.

Sowerby, Thomas, 3 in number here buried, 1672, 1696, 1718.

Spooner, James, 1722.

Spooner, Hannah, 1725.

Stroother, Alderman, John, September, 1709.

Stroother, Dorothy, his wife, May, 1710.

Terry, Richard, son of Richard Terry of Sharow, November 2lst, 1730, aged 13.

Thirkell, Ann, 1669

Thirkell, John.

Thompson, Anne, daughter of John Thompson, May 2nd, 1726.

Thompson, Anne, 1716.

Thornton, William, Clerk, 1723.

Wayd, Matthew, 1684.

Wheatley, Jonathan, 1719.

Wheatley, Alice, his daughter, 1717.

Wreaks, Francis of Aldfield 1684.

Wilson, Sarah, wife of Robert Wilson, Joyner, died August 19th, 1731 aged 37; 3 sons and 1 daughter of the same, 1729.

Wright Catherine, wife of Roger Wright, Grocer, 1675.