Hodgson, EIizabetb, wife of Marmaduke Hodgson, 1704.

Hodgson, Elizabeth, wife of Marmaduke Hodgson, February 14th, 1727.

Hodgson, Frances, her mother, February 18th, 1727.

Hodgson, Marmaduke, February 21st, 1727.

Horner, Catherine, 1723.

Horner, John, 1680.

Horner, Ann, his wife, who lived 30 years widow, 1720, aged 66.

Hornby, Ann, wife of Lawrence Hornby, November, 1714.

Horner, Alice, wife of William Horner, March 20th, 1707.

Hunter, William, November 18th, 1675.

Hunter, Thomas, and Elizabeth his wife, 1695.

Jefferson, Anne, 1710.

Jefferson, Elizabeth, 1718.

Here lieth John James, Cook of Newby, who was a faithful servant to his master, and an upright downright honest man.

Banes amang stanes
  De lye fou' still,
Whik the soul wanders
  E'en where God will.

Jefferson, Ann, wife of Robert Jefferson; and, Johanna their daughter, 1710.

Kirkby, Elizabeth, wife of Alderman Edward Kirkby, 1695.

Kirkby, Elizabeth, their daughter, 1708.

Latham, Thomas, December 10th, 1688.

Leeming, Elizabeth, Grantly, 1719.

Leadley, Roger, January, 1708.

See here wbat kings and monarchs only have,
They are confin'd to this last rest a grave.

Linton, Alexander, January 10th, 1721.

Marley, Cuthbert, 1711.

Mennel, Robert, 1676.

Metcalfe, Leonard, Studley, 1694.

Metcalfe, Edward, 1725.

Miers, William, Alderman, 1701.

Mills, George, Clockmaker, 1727.

Mitchell, John, Barber, May 1719.

Mush, Charles, son of John Mush, June 13th, 1716.

Nevison, James, October 23rd, 1724, G. N. fuit.

Oldcock, James, 1707.

Outhwaite, Francis, 1661.

Outhwaite, Jane, 1676.