Bland, Frances, Mary, and Beatrix, daughters to William Bland, Bishop Monkton, all died 1719.

Bell, Anne, wife to William Bell of Sawley, 1689.

Busfield, John, son of William Busfield, December, 1653.

Burniston, Robert, 1713.

Burton, Catharine, 1673.

Calvert, Elizabeth, 1706, July 11th.

Chambers, William, January 27th, 1689.

Chambers, Francis, his son, June 9th, 1673.

Chambers, Elizabeth, his daughter, 1676.

Clark, Thomas, 1695.

Clark, John, Bishop Monkton, April, 1721.

Clark, Thomas, his third son, September, 1695.

Clark, Ann, wife of John Clark, April, 1715.

Charnock, Ann, wife of John Charnock, 1717.

Cooke, Roger, October 20th, 1672.

Cundale, Sarah, wife of John Cundale, January, 1716.

Cundale, Mary, wife of Thomas Cundale, Bishop Monkton, 1682.

Cundale, Thomas, their son, 1652.

Cundale, Thomas, 1695.

Cundal, Mary, 1680.

Day, Wilfrid, Bishopton, Sen., 1675.

Day, Wilfrid, Jun., 1672.

Dawson, Thomas, 1681.

Dawson, Anne, his wife, 1676.

Dawson, John, Alderman, November 1st, 1697.

Deighton, John, 1708.

Dowson, Fanny, of Sawley, 1690.

Durham, Mary, April 27th, 1727.

Durham, Robert, her husband, August 14th, 1729, aged 75.

Fryer, Thomas, 1673.

Garnett, William, 1656.

Grainge, William, November, 1724.

Graison, John, 1618.

Gregg, Michael, son of Robert Gregg, Hutton, 1696.

Harrison, Elizabeth, May 7th, 1716.

Hammond, Petronella, wife of T. Hammond, October 17th, 1708.

Hammond, Thomas, 1682.

Hallet, Anne, 1673.

Heslington, William, 1698.

Hind, Lord, 1717.

Hodgson, John, 1703.