Smith, John, Rector of Inniskilling, Ireland, 1652.

Smith, John, Lindrick, December 27th, 1676.

Storzaker, John, Hutton Conyers, 1704, aged 100 years.

Spalding, Francis, Esq., March 30th, 1698.

Spencer ,Mrs. Sarah, May 10th, 1686.

Taylor, Julian, wife of Mark Taylor, October 4th, 1671.

Thompson, Mrs. Anne, May 8th, 1755 aged 86.

Johannes Wayt, A.M., et Ecclesiæ Collegiatæ de Ripon Viccarius Choralis, Succentor. Vir probus, sacrorum famulus diligens at devotus, ægris charus et necessarius, animo leni, et ergà, superiores morigero, et in liberis (quibus deus providebit) educandis sollicitus pater. Sexagenarius obiit, Jan. 16, anno Domini 1678 Superfluum animæ hâc reconditur.

[TRANSLATION.]—John Wayt, Master of Arts, Vicar Choral of the Collegiate Church of Ripon, Subchantor. A person of integrity, religious and constantly attendant in the house of prayer, a comforter to the sick and needy, of a meek spirit, submissive to his superiors, and a most careful father in the education of his children, for whom God will provide. He died in the 60th year of his age, Jan. 16th, 1678. The shell of whose soul is here laid. —(In the middle of the North aisle of the choir on a brass plate.)

Waterhall, William, Alderman, January 1st, 1697, aged 34.

Wheatley, Mrs Elizabeth, Bishop Thornton, widow, 1699.

Wrightson, Elizabeth, February 14th, 1718, aged 73.

Here lies the body of Christopher Wyvill, D.D., Dean of Ripon, youngest son of Sir Christopher Wyvill of Constable Burton, Bart., by dame Ursula his wife, eldest daughter of Conyers, Earl of Holderness. He was Dean of this Church of Ripon 24 years, and departed this life 7th January, 1710-11, in the 59th year of his age.—(On a brass plate in the ground near the altar rails.)

In the Church-yard.

Adamson, Geoffry, Gent., 1637.

Allanson, Ellen, of Sharow, 1657.

Allanson, Dorothy, 1672.

Askwith, William, 1723.

Atkinson, John, 1714.

Battie, George, Bondgate, 1682.

Braithwaite, Christopher, Mayor, 1711.

Braithwaite, John, 1714.

Brown, Richard, Rippon Park, June 17th, 1729, aged 18.