Mayor, faithful to God and his king; of primitive manners; very religious and loyal; inferior to none for his love, sincerity, and zeal towards the public good; and (if any of mankind was such) a most faithful friend. He died the 4th day of October, was buried the 6th, aged 47, in the year of Our Lord 1680.

Gill, Thomas, died May 8th, 1710.

Green, Henry, Alderman, July 8th, 1717, interred near the font.

Hawkins, William, Organist, died 1689.

Craven, William, February 23rd, 1712, aged 31.

Heavised, Alice, wife of Thomas, of Givendale, Nov. 1st, 1670.

Heavised, Priscilla, wife of ——— of Bishop Monkton, Feb 14th, 1689, aged 24; her husband March 21st, 1713, aged 53.

Heavised, William, son of Thomas, Aug. 17th, 1710.

Heavised, William, father of Thomas, Feb. 7th, 1719, aged 87.

South Aisle.

Hodgson, Jonathan, Barister at Law, obiit Feby. 6th, 1700.

Horner, John, Alderman, Augt., 7th, 1667.

Horseman, Catherine.

North Aisle of the Nave.

Jackson, William, 4th son of Thomas Jackson, Alderman, Jany. 27th,1680.

Ley, William, 1696.

Loupe, Sarah, wife of George Loupe, 1720.

Lumley, Isabel, 1686.

Lumley, Thomas, 1688.

Morley, Revd. William, Rector of Hawkeswell, near Richmond, 1703.—(He is buried in the Choir.)

In the Body.

Moodie, Mrs Elizabeth, 1617, July 6th, who died in the Lord.

Weep not for she was born unto a grave,
Yet like a well-bred child she came and went,
When her celestial father would it have,
As if she had been on an errand sent.
The life she lived was honest, plain, and good,
With confidence of her Redeemer's power,
And for her death neighbours deploring stood,
And all her friend bewail'd her fatal hour,
But she bade cease for death was but a door,
To a more happy life that they should see,
When their turns came altho' she went before,
And only did to nature's course agree;