Chambers, B. D., Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxon, Prebendary of this Church and Rector of Hurworth, in the County of Durham, died December 17th, 1714, aged 37.

Chambers, Cuthbert, Alderman and 4 times Mayor of Ripon, died 21st February, 1722, aged 83.

Chambers, William and Jane. (In the West aisle near their father W. Chambers, 1716).

Craven, William, February 23rd, 1712, aged 31.

Dawson, Robert, Sheriff of York in 1592. (On a stone in the choir with a bust.)

His nature mild, his mind devout,
His wealth the poor well fed,
So dead, he lives in spite of death
And grave, his fatal bed.
Whom lately Sheriff, Mercheant free,
York's wealthy city had;
And former chief of Rippon church,
Now Rippon mould hath clad.

Day, Mrs Anne, of Bishopton, December 23rd, 1712.

Hic jacet Dominus Johannes Deen, quondam Canon. Ecclesiæ Collegiatæ Riponensis, Prependarius prependæ Stanwick, qui obiit — die —— a. Dom. 1400, cujus animæ propitietur Deus. Amen. (He lies buried in the choir.)

  [TRANSLATION.]— Here lies Master John Deen, once Canon of the Collegiate Church of Ripon, Prebend of Stanwick, who died the — day ——, in the year of our Lord 1400, whose soul may God save. Amen.

Fothergill, Mrs Mary, died December 29th, 1709.

Hic jacet Anna, uxor thomæ Gaberis de Brough, in comitate Westmoreland, Armigeri, quæ obiit 29 die Martii, anno ætatis suæ 75, annoque christianæ salutis 1690. Unicam reliquit filiam Margaretam, uxorem Gulielmi Norton de Sawley, Armigeri. Per paucos tantum annos vixit.

  [TRANSLATION.]—Here lieth Anne, wife of Thomas Gabetus, of the county of Westmoreland, Esq., who died the 29th March, aged 75, in the year of Salvation 1690. She left an only daughter named Margaret, wife of William Norton of Sawley, Esq. She lived but a few years.

Hic jacet Gulielmus Gibson de Ripon, Aldermanus & semel Prætor, Deo & regi fidelis; antiquis moribus; religioni & allegiantiæ addictissimus fuit, patriæ amans, & zelo erga bonum publicum sincere affectus, nemini probitate secundus, & amicus (si quisquam) fidus, obiit, 4° die Octobris & 6° sepultus, anno ætatis 47, anno Domini, 1680.

  [TRANSLATION.]—Here lieth Alderman William Gibson of Ripon, once