Taken Principally from Gent"s History of Ripon, contains an
Alphabetical List of Inscriptions which have been defaced or
removed during the course of the last 120 years.

In the Cathedral.

Allanson, John, of Skelton, January 22nd, 1658.

Atkinson, Christopher, Alderman, dyed December 16th, 1688.

H.S. ex Nor-manorum progenie Thomas Arden Baggott, de Com. Varvic., Armiger, uxorem duxit Honoram Egerton prænobili genere Comitum de Bridgewater, &c., ex quâ filium reliquit unicum Egerton Baggott, obiit 11th June, 1729, ætat. 45° Sequemur. Amicitiæ ergo pinxit et posuit J.B. Boutats, civis Antverpiensis.

  [TRANSLATION.]—Here lieth Thomas Arden Baggott, of the County of Warwick, Esq., a Norman by extraction, who married Honoria Egerton of the illustrious family of the Earls of Bridgewater, &c., by whom he left one only son, Egerton Baggott, he died June 11th, 1729, aged 45 years. We shall all follow. J.B. Boutats, citizen of Antwerp, devised and erected this monument in regard to the friendship between them.

South Aisle of the Choir.

Benson, Christopher, South Stainley, January, 1714.

Bramley, Magdalen, wife of William Bramley, April 27th, 1665.

Burniston, Mrs Anne, only child of William Craven by his wife Isabel, died November 7th, 1729.

Busfield, William, Esq., being Mayor, died October 4th, 1671.

Burdon, John, of Ripon, Attorney at Law, March 23rd, 1687.

Catton, George, Alderman, 1685. (Near South door of the cross.)

Chambers, Mary, wife of Cuthbert Chambers, departed this life February 9th 1701, and, also the body of Cuthbert