No. 509. Sacred to the memory of the ever to be lamented Anthony Augustine Sparrow, who died after a short illness at Scarbro', November 28th, 1845, aged 39 years. "Watch, therefore, for ye know not at what hour your Lord doth come." May the peace of God be even with us. Amen.

No. 510. In memory of Mary wife of Robert Walker, who died August 13th, 1844, aged 66 years.

No. 511. In memory of John Snowden, who died July 12th, 1844, aged 26 years.

I renounce my carnal hope,
  My Loud desires recall;
I gave my mortal interest up,
  And made my God my all.

No. 512. To the memory of Mary, wife of Webster Gowing, died May 4th, 1840, aged 42 years; also, William their son died May 22nd, 1838, aged 6 years; also, the above Webster Gowing died January 13th, 1845, aged 42 years.

No. 513. In memory of Jane, the wife of William Foxton, who died May 5th, 1843, aged 54 years.

She bore severe afflictions, and through life
Was prov'd a mother kind—a tender wife;
In friendship faithful, as in love sincere,
In peace she died, in hope we laid her here.

Also, John their son, who died April 13th, 1828, aged 3 years;. also, William their son, who died April 6th, 1846, aged 32 years.

No. 514. Here rest the remains of Eliza Watts, the beloved wife of the Revd. H. Watts, Minister of the Methodist New Connection, Ripon. Though her sufferings in giving birth to twins were protracted, she died in the triumph of faith, December 19th, 1835, aged 35 years.

No. 515. Sacred to the memory of Margaret, wife of William Scruton of this City, Chemist and Druggist, who departed this life the 18th day of July, 1838, aged 34 years.

No. 516. Sacred to the memory of William Walker, who died the 29th of Sepr., 1838, aged 79 years.

No. 517. Erected to the memory of John Snowden, who died September 15th, 1839, aged 72 years.

No. 518. In memory of John Dixon of this City, Coal Merchant, who departed this life January 4th, 1840, aged 50 years. Let us be duly prepared, death gives no notice of his coming.

No. 519. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, the wife of