No. 479. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeath, the daughter of John and Isabela Palliser, who departed this life 11th of March, 1817, aged 9 years; also, John, son of the above, who died in his infancy.

No. 480. Tn memory of William Kendall, (late of North Lees) died August 19th, 1840, aged 73 years.

No. 481. Sacred to the memory of Jane, the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Bateman of this Town, who died September the 28th, 1830, aged 3 years; also, Joseph Bateman, father of the above, who died September the 7th, 1806, aged 46 years; also, Mary his wife, who died November 11th, 1836, aged 85 years; also, George, son of the above Joseph and Elizabeth Bateman, who died February 23rd, 1840, aged 10 years and 6 months; also, Elizabeth, daughter of the above, died May 23rd, 1840, aged 15 months.

No. 482. Erected to the memory of Elizabeth, the wife of Joseph Bateman, who died Decr., 16th, 1844, aged 49 years. She lived beloved and died lamented.

No. 483. In memory of Thomas, the son of William and Elizabeth Harper, who died Jany. 4th, 1835, aged 3 years.

He tasted of life's bitter cup,
Refus'd to drink the portion up,
Then turn'd his little head aside,
Disgusted with the taste and died.

Also, Elizabeth their daughter, who died October 16th, 1844, aged 2 years and 4 months. "Of such is the kingdom of heaven."

No. 484. Here lies interred Isabel Greves of this Town, who died October the 13th, 1792, aged 78 years; also, her daughter lies here; also, Sarah, the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Greves, who died February the 23rd, 1795, aged 3 years.

No. 485. In memory of Thomas, the son of Thomas and Ann Chapman, who died the 6th of May, 1824, aged 11 months.

No. 486. Here lieth the body of Thos. Ingle, who departed this life the 14th of Janry., 1774, aged 69 ; also, Wm. Ingle, Junr., who departed this life ye 17th of Octr., 1778, aged 4.

No. 487. Here lyeth the bodies of Mary & Hannah Wilson, daughters of Wm. & Elizth. Wilson; Mary died May the 24th, 1811, in her 2nd year; and, Hannah March the 10th, 1812, in her 8th year.

Rest happy babes in heaven above,
  On earth short was your stay,
Because the Lord your souls did love,
  He soon took you away.