No. 468. Sacred to the memory of Ann, wife of William Wright, who departed this life the 12th day of May, 1818, aged 39 years; also, their two sons, Henry and Christopher, who died in their infancy; also, the above named William Wright, who died October 26th, 1835, aged 59 years.

No. 469. Sacred to the memory of John, the son of Thomas and Mary Sweeting, who died the 9th of Jany., 1812, aged 2 years; also, the above Mary Sweeting, who departed this life the 3rd of Feby., 1827, aged 42 years.

No. 470. In memory of four children, sons and daughters of William and Elizabeth Coverdale of this City; William died February 23rd, 1834, aged 30 weeks; Mary died September 25th, 1834, aged 25 days; Henry Edwin died September 16th, 1836, aged 5 days; Sarah Ann died July 6th, 1838, aged 21 days; also, Maria, daughter of the above, died June 28th, 1841, aged 8 months.

No. 471. In memory of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of William Coverdale of this City, who died July 18th, 1843, aged 40 years ; also of Edward, their son, who died November 24th, 1845, aged 3 years.

No. 472. Sacred to the memory of Mr. Thos. Russell, who died 2nd Jany., 1805.—(Age defaced.)

No. 473. H. A. Barbrie, native of Versailles, died June 22nd, 1800, aged 29.

No. 474. Here lieth the body's of Jane and Richard Marcus; Jane died June the 6th, 1751, aged 43 years; Richard died October the 14th, 1764.—(The rest defaced.)

No. 475. Here lies poor, but honest, Bryan Tunstall, he was a most expert angler, until death envious of his merit, threw out his line, hook'd him, and landed him here the 21st day of April, 1790.

No. 476. Erected in memory of Elizabeth, the wife of George Longthorn, who departed this life the 20th day of Decr., 1824, aged 40 years.

No. 477. Sacred to the memory of Mary, daughter of Thomas & Mary Wilson of Ripon, who departed this life the 8th day of February, 1835, aged 21 years; also of John, son of the above Thomas and Mary Wilson, who died in his infancy; And of the above named Thomas Wilson, who died September 6th, 1836, aged 46 years.

No. 478. In memory of William Rutter, who died the 24th of February, 1818, aged 56 years.