and respected by all who knew him. Hannah, his wife died June 20th, 1823, aged 32 years; also, William, their son, died October 23rd, 1824, aged 6 years; Elizabeth Wood, daughter of the above William and Hannah Wood, who died December 21st, 1831, aged 15 years; Margaret Wood, daughter of the above William and Hannah Wood, died June 8th, 1838, aged 17 years.

No. 461. Sacred to the memory of Thomas, son of William and Margaret Wood, died August 3rd, 1793, aged 9 years and 4 months; Joseph, their son, died Feby. 24th, 1794, aged 6 years and 4 months; William, their son, died July 27th, 1794, aged 8 months; Jane their daughter died April 16th, 1799, aged 13 years and 6 months; William Wood, father of the above children, June 9th, 1811, aged 49 years; Margaret, his wife and mother of the above children, died Novr. 28th, 1828, aged 76 years.

No. 462. Sacred to the memory of Margaret daughter of Thomas and Ann Wood, who died March 9th, 1843, aged 1 year and 8 months.

No. 463. Henry Thompson died 9th March 1771, aged 71 years; also, Joanna, his wife, died 1st Feby., 1755, aged 46 years; also, Joanna, their daughter, died in hir infancy; Henry Thompson, their son, died December 25th, 1830, aged 89 years; Mary, his wife, died March the 11th, 1827, aged 78 years.

No. 464. Near this place lieth the body of Jane, the wife of William Brown of Hutton Conyers, who died September 5th, 1793, aged 53 years; also, Jane, daughter of the above William and Jane Brown, who died June 2nd, 1809, aged 36 years; also, John their son, who died December the 4th, 1813, aged 38 years.

No. 465. In memory of Catherine, wife of William Nelson, who died Feby. 20th, 1819, aged 29 years.

I told the Lord my sore distress,
  With heavy groans and tears;
He gave my sharpest torments ease,
  And silenced all my fears.

Also, their two children, who died in their infancy.

No. 466. George, son of George and Ann Lee, died April 15th, 1816, aged 6 months.

No. 467. In memory of William, son of Thos. and Ann Rumfitt, died October 30th, 1814, in his infancy; also, Margaret their daughter, died October 10th, 1815, in her infancy; also, Hannah their daughter, died December 13th, 1816, aged 18 weeks; the above Ann Rumfitt died April 2nd, 1828, aged 45 years; and, two children who died in their infancy.