May 23rd, 1824, aged 20 years; also of the last above named William Mc. Farlane, who died December 15th, 1833, aged 66 years ; also the remains of Hannah, wife of the above named William Mc. Farlane, who departed this life Jany. 29th, 1840, aged 72 years.

No. 428. Sacred to the memory of John Squire Cluderay, son of Stephen and Mary Cluderay, who died the 3rd of April, 1812, aged 5 months.

This bud of innocence awhile
Enjoy'd a parent's love;
Transplanted in a richer soil,
now blooms and bears above.

No. 429. Here lieth the body of Ann Whitterance, daughter of John and Ann Gray of Ripon, who died the 14th day of Novr., 1801, aged 28 years ; also the above John Gray died the 28th of October, 1810, aged 63 years.

No. 430. Sacred to the memory of a dearly beloved husband, Here lieth interred the body of Robt. Waite, in hopes of a happy and glorious resurrection, when the last trumpet awakes him out of the grave to rise to life everlasting through Jesus christ our most blessed Lord and Saviour, Amen. He departed this life the 20th of Decr.—(The rest defaced.)

No. 431. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Jefferson, who departed this life January the 24th, 1807, in the 77th year of his age.

No. 432. Erected by Septimus Tutin of this City, Surgeon, in memory of his beloved sister, Mary Elizabeth Sharpin, who died January 2nd, 1842, in the 35th year of her age. "Prepare to meet thy God."

No. 433. In memory of John and Ann Metcalfe of Ripon, she died on the 12th of January, 1840, aged 52 ; and John on the 14th of March, aged 55, only surviving his wife nine weeks ; also Ann, wife of Thomas Rainforth, who died March 14th, 1846, aged 37 years ; also Joseph, their son, who died August 12th, 1846, aged 6 months ; also Simon Pickersgill, father of the above Ann Rainforth, who died September 20th, 1846, aged 60 years.

No. 434. George, the son of George and Ann Snowden, who died in his infancy, the 14th of April, 1795 ; also Ann thair daughter, died the 24th of February, 1797, aged 1 year ; also William son of the above, who died Feby. 20th. 1815, aged 6 years ; Ann, the wife of Georg Snowden, and mother of