aged 61 years; also of her three infant sons, viz. : Wm., Wm., and Henry.

Lov'd ashes of our tender mother dear,
Six loving offsprings trimbling bore the here;
According to thy wish this duty's done,
Whilst keenest sorrow rent each auguish'd son.
Thy only daughter mourns her loss in thee,
Thou tender guardian of her infancy.

Also, John Foxton, her husband, who died the 25th of May, 1811, aged 69 years.

Accept lov'd parent from thy children dear,
The last sad duty that to bring thee here,
Thy eaqual wish with thy lov'd partner prove,
We have fulfill'd we knew thy sincere love.

No. 405. Here lieth the body of Elizth., the daughter of Jas. and Elizth. Foxton, who died the 7th of April, 1815, aged 20 years.

Rescued from sorrow, grief, and pain,
Our loss is her eternal gain.
Again we soon shall meet,
If we are faithful to our trust,
With all the holy, good, and just,
At our Redeemer's feet.

Catherine, their daughter and wife of John Cook, died the 29th Octr., 1823, aged 18 years ; Peter, their son, died the 20th Decr., 1823, aged 20 years; Peter, son of John and Catherine Cook , he died in his infancy; all which died happy.

No. 406. Here lies the body of John Leeming, who departed this life the 1st of May, 1809, aged 38 years. Erected by a friend. Also two of their children, Ann and Peter; also, Mary, wife of the above John Leeming, who departed this life the 7th of July, 1816, aged 45 years.

No. 407. In memory of' Elizabeth Johnson, wife of Robart Johnson, Miller, who departed this life 18th of June, 1798, aged 61 years; also, Robart Johnson her husband, who departed this life 18th of March, 1807, aged 74 years; also, John Robart Johnson, grandson to the above named Robart Johnson, who departed this life 7th of January, 1806, aged 20 years.

No. 408. Here lie the remains of Mara. Hyde, sister to ye Revd. Geoe. Hyde of Ripon, she died the 19th of May, 1767, aged 64 years; also, Margt, his wife departed this life the 5th of Augt., 1769, aged 54 years. She was a most dutiful daughter, amiable wife, and indulgent parent.—(The rest defaced.)