No. 397. Erected in memory of Jane Fisher, who died the 13th of May, 1806, and in the 69th year of her age; also, Ann Fisher, the daughter of Leonard and Hannah Fisher, who died in her infancy; Robert Fisher died May 4th, 1811, aged 1 year; also, William Fisher died 16th of Sepr., 1815, aged 1 year; Eliza Fisher died 1st of Feby., 1824, aged 4 years and 6 months; also, Eliza, who died in her infancy.

No. 398. To the memory of Robert Fisher of Knaresbro', who died Jany. 26th, 1808, aged 29 years.

No. 399. Here lie the remains of Elizabeth, the wife of Willm. Gowland of Ripon, who departed this life the 24th Novr., 1778, aged 22 years.

Reader, who gazing on this letter'd stone,
My fate deploring, thoughtless of thine own,
On this important truth thou may'st rely,
To thee both death and judgement may he nigh;
O let this solemn thought, whoe'er thou art,
Find place within and regulate thy heart.

No. 400. Thomas Terry died Jany. 10th, 1809, aged 1 year and 3 months; William Terry died May 29th, 1812, aged 9 years.

Ye young rely not on to-morrow's dawn,
No certain tenure is allotted man;
On Tuesday morn I trod the verdant lawn,
On Friday measured out my narrow span.

Henry Terry died June 24th, 1818, aged 18 years. He lived beloved and died lamented.

No. 401. Here lies the body of Mary, the wife of Thos. Spetch of Bondgate, who departed this life the 7th of Sepr., 1800, aged 53 years.

No. 402. Frances Thwaits, who died November the 9th, 1763, aged 48 years.

No. 403. Here lieth the body of James, the son of Jas. and Elizth. Foxton, who died the 22nd of Novr., 1816, aged 19 years. My parents' loss is my great gain. Also Elizth. Cook, granddaughter to the above Jas. and Elizth. Foxton, who died in her infancy; Mary their daughter, died the 14th Octr., 1820, aged 21 years; Isabella, their daughter, died the 14th May, 1822, aged 22 years; Wm. Cook, her husband, died the 1st April, 1823, aged 30 years. All which died happy.

No. 404. Sacred to the memory of Grace, the wife of John Foxton of Ripon, who departed this life the 5th of Octr., 1802,