this life the 15th day of January, 1804, aged 52 years; allso, Elizabeth Rowell his wife, who departed this life the 10th day of May, 1821, aged 71 years.

No. 390. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Dickinson, who departed this life Jany. 15th, 1812, aged 48 years.

No. 391. Sacred to the memory of Mary the wife of Richard Smith, who died 23rd of October, 1814, aged 66 years; also, the above Richard Smith, who died December 20th, 1819, aged 76 years.

No. 392. In memory of Thomas Leeming, who died March 27th, 1839, aged 74 years; also, Ann, wife of the above Thomas Leeming, who died May 21st, 1813, aged 44 years; also, Sarah, second wife of the above Thomas Leeming, who died June 18th, 1819, aged 28 years; also, Matthew Render, son-in-law of the above Thomas Leeming, who died Octr. 23rd, 1833, aged 34 years.

No. 393. Elizabeth King died 8th April, 1772, aged 72 years; also, Henry, the son of Henry and Ann King, died 21st, Augt., 1773, aged 3 years; Henry King died Augt. 26th, 1789, aged 58 years; Ann King, his wife, died the 5th of April, 1801, aged 67 years.

Write henceforth blessed are the dead
That in the Lord shall die,
Their weary flesh, as on a bed,
Soft in the grave shall lie,
Whilst their glad souls to heaven ascend,
And bid farewell to woe,
Their labour with their lives shall end,
Their rest no period know.

[On the back.

No. 394. In memory of Jacob Smith of Givendale, who lived to promote and deserve a most extensive friendship till 1785, when on the 4th of June he died generally lamented, aged 75 years; Mary, his wife, died the 25th of Janry., 1783, aged 77 years, by whom she had issue three sons and five daugters, two of them are interred here; Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Smith of White Hall, son of the above Jacob Smith, died the 27th of Augt., 1787, aged 18 years.

No. 395. Sarah, the daughter of Jacob and Mary Smith of Givendale, died June ye 20th, 1763, aged 24 years; also, Susanna wife of Christ. Scott, their daughr., who died May the 19th, 1781, aged 36 years.

No. 396. To the memory of Mary Ann, daughter of Richard and Hannah Fisher, who died May 1st, 1811, aged 4 years; also, the above named Richard Fisher, who departed this life the 18th of April, 1824, in the 58th year of his age.