No. 367. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Snowden, who departed this life Decr. 18th, 1800, aged 71 years; also, Jane his wife, who departed this life July 3rd, 1802, aged 72 years; also, Johanna, daughter of the above named Thomas and Jane Snowden, who departed this life Sep. 25th, 1789, aged 23 years.

No. 368. In memory of Mary Clark, the wife of Wm. Clark of Coltsgate Hill, who departed this life 23rd of April, 1810, aged 68 years; also, Wm. Clark her husband, who departed this life 15th March, 1825, aged 84 years; also, Mary, the daughter of William and Margret Thompson, who died in her infancy; also, Margaret Thompson died 28th June, 1825, aged 1 year and 4 months; also, Elizabeth Thompson died 26th August, 1828, aged 6 years and 4 months; also, Ann Thompson died 4th April, 1830, aged 11 months.

No. 369. Sacred to the memory of Joseph Turkington, he died 8th June, 1807, aged 75 years; also, Margaret his wife, she died 4th February, 1805, aged 74 years; likewise, William their son, he died in London 16th January, 1817, aged 44 years; his remains were interred in the Church of St. Clements.

No. 370. Shaw of Ripon, 1778.—(The rest defaced.) (On the Church wall.)

No. 371. In memory of William Cant of Ripon, who died December 17th, 1835, aged 64 years; also, of Mary daughter of the above, who died March 5th, 1793, aged 1 year; also, of Henry Brittain Smith, grandson to the above, who died June 26th, 1835, aged 3 years and 7 months.

No. 372. Here lieth the body of William Cant, who departed this life 21st of March, 1800, aged 64 years; also, Catherine, wife of the above William Cant, who departed this life the 4th of Decr., 1816, aged 83 years.

A loving father and a tender mother dear,
Such they were who now lie buried here,
Who we hope will blessed be unto eternity.

No. 373. Elizabeth, the wife of Joshua Barker, died the 11th of June, 1787, aged 45 years.

No. 374. Inter'd here the remains of Thos. Haigh, Music Master to the North York Militia, who died 20th Jany., 1782, aged 28 years.

No. 375. In memory of John Parker late of Bondgate, who died September 19th, 1820, aged 68 years; also, Dinah his wife who died November 5th, 1827, aged 71 years.