No. 352. John Kay of Ripon died April 29th, 1774, aged 75; also, Margaret King, daughter of the said John Kay, who died October 18th, 1776, aged 23; also, Mary Kay, wife of the above John Kay, died the 9th of October, 1786, aged 76 years.

No. 353. Erected in memory of Elizabeth Clark, wife of William Clark, Whitesmith of this Town, who departed this life Novr. 16th, 1836, aged 39 years; also, Jane their daughter, who died Augt. 3rd, 1823, aged 2 years and 8 months; also, Thomas, their son, who died Feby. 1st, 1829, aged 3 years; also, Mary their daughter, who died Feby. 28th, 1829, aged 1 year and 10 months; and, John their son, who died in infancy. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

No. 354. Sacred to the memory of Wm. Neesom, who died in his infancy, 1784; also, Thos. Neesom, who died in his infancy, 1786 ; in memory of Mary, the wife of James Neesom, who died the 9th of February, 1816, aged 63 years; James Neesom, husband of the above Mary Neesom, died 8th October, 1817, aged 63 years; also, in memory of the following offspring of the above, Mary, wife of Thomas Fountaine Lambe, died 15th April, 1827, aged 37 years; William Neesom died Jan. 9th, 1839, aged 52 years; James Neesom died 7th Oct., 1845, aged 60 years.

No. 355. Elizabeth, the wife of John Williams of the Cornwall Fencibles, died the 11th of June, 1799, aged 22.

No. 356. In memory of Daniel Williamson of this Town, Painter, who died Jany. 1st, 1796, aged 72 years; also, of Jane his wife, who died May 8th, 1794, aged 70 years; William, their eldest son died Septr. 2nd, 1792, aged 36 years; John, their son, died in Liverpool May 27th, 1818, aged 67 years; Thomas, their son, died Jany. 2nd, 1822, aged 68 years; Caroline, only daughter of the above named Daniel and Jane Williamson, and wife of Thomas Barlow, died in Manchester, April 20th, 1793, aged 36 years.

No. 357. In memory of Robert Williamson of this Town, who died May 6th, 1829, aged 75 years; Hannah, his first wife and daughter of Thomas Blakey, died February 28th, 1790, aged 35 years; Ann, his second wife, died February 15th, 1809, aged 42 years, she was daughter of Joseph Mawson; Rebecca, his third wife, daughter of James Rhodes of Otley, died November 29th, 1828, aged 63 years; Jane and Hannah, daughters of the above Robert and Hannah Williamson, died in their infancy.

No. 358. In memory of Ann, the daughter of George and