No. 343. Richard Brown died January the 26th, 1739, aged 66; also Richard, son of Richard Brown, died June the 17th, 1729, aged 18.

No. 344. William Gearman died Feby. 20th, 1797, aged 14 years.

Go home dear friends and leave me here,
Until the time that Christ appear,
At whose appearance I hope that I
Shall from the grave rise joyfully.

Also William Gearman of Ripon, father of the above, who died November 11th, 1823, aged 69 years, and Isabella his wife, who died May 30th, 1842, aged 76 years.

No. 345. Here lies the body of Benjamin Hamilton, who died April 12th, 1795, aged 13 years.

No. 346. Here lieth ye body of Rachel, daughter of Henry and Ann Hamilton, died May ye 24th, 1752, aged 7; the above Ann Hamilton died Oct 23rd, 1785, aged 66 years.

No. 347. (On the Church Wall.) Near this place lye the bodies of three sons and one daughter of Edward and Catherine Ayrton of Rippon, who died in their minority, 1751; John their son died July ye 11th, 1771, aged 42; also the above Edward Ayrton, Alderman, and once Mayor of this Corporation, who died the 25th of July; 1774, aged 76; Catherine wife of the above Edward Ayrton, who was interred July 6th, 1781, aged 79 years.

No. 348. Here lieth the body of Elizabeth, the daughter of Jas. and Elizabeth Ellison, who died June 23rd, 1771, aged 20; also Elizth. Ellison, wife of the above Jas. Ellison, who died June 11th, 1778, æ 60; also Mary their daughter, who died June the 26th, 1787, aged 33.

No. 349. In memory of John Brown of Ripon, who died October 20th, 1822, aged 67 years; also Mary his wife, who died August 6th, 1840, aged 83 years.

No. 350. In memory of Harriet, the third daughter of Geoe. and Elizth. Kearsley of Ripon, who departed this life the 30th of Septr., 1824, aged 18 years; also Elizth., daughter of Wm. and Mary Plaine, and granddaughter of the above Geoe. and Elizth. Kearsley, who died 2nd Jany., 1825, aged 1 year.

No. 351. In memory of Robert, son of Robert and Elizabeth Gatenby, who departed this life January 25th, 1807, aged 3 years; also Jane Elizabeth, their daughter, who departed this life July 28th, 1814, aged 13 years.