No. 337. Here lieth the body of Thomas, the son of John Wilson of Ripon, who died March the 10th, 1771, aged 5 years; also his son James, died Decr. the 4th, 1771, in the 1st year of his age; John Wilson their father, died the 23rd August, 1797, aged 70 years.

No. 338. Sacred to the memory of William Idle, who departed this life the 16th of April, 1823, aged 58 years; also Maria, daughter of the above named William Idle, who departed this life the 1st of May, 1823, aged 27 years; also Eliza Freeman Widdison, wife of Thomas Widdison, who departed this life the 3rd of June, 1824, aged 24 years; also Thomas Widdison, who died May 17th, 1827, aged 27 years.

No. 339. Ann Topham, wife of John Topham, who departed this life the 1st day of January, 1811, aged 72 years; also John Topham died 6th of March, 1815, aged 73 years.

No. 340. Erected in memory of Thomas Land, late of this Town, but formerly of Leeds, who departed this life the 5th day of September, 1821, aged 60 years.

His widowed wife and children dear;
Are left awhile to sojourn here,
But hope to meet on that bless'd shore,
Where sin and death divide no more.

No. 341. To the memory of Wm. Malthouse, who died the 15th of September, 1802, aged 68 years; and of Ann Maithause, his granddaughter, the once lovely child of an orphan mother, she departed this life, the 3rd of June, 1807, aged 4 years. Reader wish you had died as young, then like her would you have been happy.

No. 342. Erected in memory of Mary, daughter of George and Hannah Cockfield, who died the 19th of February, 1824, aged 15 years.

Just like a leaf both fresh and green,
She was cut down and no more seen.

Also three of their children who died in infancy; also of William their son, who died the 4th of June, 1831, aged 19 years.   (At the back of the stone.)—Sacred to the memory of Elenor Cockfield, who departed this life May 13th, 1844, aged 25 years. "She hath given up the ghost; her sun is gone down while it was yet day."

Gently, most gently, did she sink in death,
Like infants pillow'd on their mother's breast;
Calmly and softly yield to slumbers blest,
So to her God did she resign her breath.