No. 331. Here lies the body of Elizabeth, the wife of John Stevenson, she died 26th Sepr., 1781, aged 24; also Sarah and Eleanor, daughters of John and Margaret Stevenson, who died in their infancy; also John Stevenson, husband of the above Elizabeth Stevenson, who departed this life the 17th day of April, 1824, in the 75th year of his age; also Margaret, wife of the above John Stevenson, obiit February 6th, 1835, Štat 78 years.

No. 332. Here lies the body of Margt. Stevenson, daughter of John and Margt. Stevenson, who died Feby. 4th, 1807, aged 20 years; also Mary, daughter of the above John and Margt. Steven- son, who died June 17th, 1810, aged 22 years; also Elizth. the wife of Wm. Skaife of Braisty-Woods, daughter of John and Margt. Stevenson, died Decr. 2nd, 1814, aged 25 years.

No. 333. Here lies the body of Wm. Stevenson, son of John and Elizth. Stevenson, died Octr. 23rd, 1815, aged 37 years.

No. 334. In memory of John Clark, son of John and Ann Clark of Bondgate, who died July 10th, 1811, aged 23 years; also William, who died in his infancy.

Farewell young man in youthful bloom,
We yield thee to the silent tomb;
What heaven ordains is just and fit,
'Tis heaven's decree and we submit.
But when the dead in Christ shall rise,
Thy form more bright shall bless our eyes,
And now tho' hidden from our view,
Thy much lov'd image we renew,
Thy native charms unstain'd by art,
Thy temper sweet, thy candid heart,
Thy soft affection, friendship kind,
And all the virtues of thy mind,
Shall still a pensive pleasure give,
And in our fond remembrance live.

Also of the above named John Clark, who died March 11th, 1840, aged 78 years.

No. 335. Here lieth the body of Philip Turner, who departed this life August 4th, 1822, aged 70 years; also, Catherine, wife of the above, who departed this life, April 12th, 1825, aged 75 years.

No. 336.

Here Henry Raper
Lies in dust,
His stature small,
His mind was just.