Braithwaite of Bondgate, their son, departed this life, the 16th of April, 1786, aged 38 years; also, Mary his wife, died the 15th of May, 1786, aged 36 years; likewise two children of the above John and Mary.—(This stone lies flat.)   (At the side.)—Mary Ann, daughter of Hodgson and Elizabeth Braithwaite, died the 25th of March, 1803, in the 2nd year of her age.

No. 323. Here lieth the body of Thomas Middleton, Junr., who departed this life, August 10th, 1742, aged 45; also, Eliza- beth his wife, who died April the 22nd, 1751, aged 54; Elizth. Arnold died Feby. 22nd, 1760, aged 7; Margaret Arnold, died Novr. the 8th, 1776, aged 57; John Smith died Octr. 11th, 1812, aged 82 years; also, Dorothy his wife, died Decr. 30th, 1820, aged 86 years; likewise six of their children who died in their infancy.

No. 324. To the memory of Ann, the wife of Thomas Jackson, died Decr. 20th, 1798, aged 37 years; William and Jane, their children died in their infancy; also, the above Thomas Jackson, who died April 14th, 1817, aged 68 years.

No. 325. Here lieth the body of Alee, the wife of Thomas Cundale of Ripon, died May 13th, 1792, aged 76 years. She was a mother to the orphan; a friend to the distressed; a kind and virtuous wife. Also, Thos. her son, died April 1st, 1760, aged 2 years; also, Thomas Cundale, who died May 13th, 1806, aged 75 years.

No. 326. Elizabeth, daughter of Mattw. and Ann Wilkinson, died October 20th, 1774, aged 6 weeks. Oh! life how short, eternity how long. Ann, their daughter died Feby. 12th, 1779, aged 3 weeks; Matthew, their son died Novr. 23rd, 1780, aged 17 weeks.

No. 327. Sacred to the memory of Margaret Wilkinson, daughter of Mattw. and Ann Wilkinson, who died April 14th, 1786, aged 10 years.

No. 328. In memory of William Hannam, who departed this life April 23rd, 1797, aged 72 years.

No. 329. In memory of Elizabeth, the wife of William Sedgwick, who departed this life the 28th of October, 1814, aged 30 years; also William their son, died the 14th Novr., 1815, aged 14 months; also Ann their daughter died March 10th, 1808, aged 15 months, and was buried at Hull.

No. 330. Here lies the body of Hannah, the wife of David Crist, who departed this life December 17th, 1786, aged 35 years.