No. 316. Charles Davis, Senr., died 30th of May.

Adieu! vain world, enough I've had of thee,
I value not what thou canst say of me,
Thy smiles I court not, nor thy frowns I fear,
'Tis all as one to me, my head lies quiet here.

    Charles Davis, Junr.

Praises on tombs are trifles vainly spent,
A man's good name is his best monument.

(This stone is defaced.)

No. 317. Sacred to the memory of John Loftus, Gardr., son of Thos. and Susannah Loftus , died March 21st, 1804, aged 34. " Not lost but gone before." Also, Thos. Loftus, son to the above named Thos. and Susannah Loftus, died 12th of August, 1809, aged 34 years; also, Thomas Loftus, Gardener, died 12th of February, 1812, aged 72 years.

No. 318. Here lies the body of Thomas Thwaites, who departed this life April 13th, 1809, aged 66 years; also, Alice, wife of the above, died the 11th of March, 1821, in the 74th year of her age; also, Elizabeth, wife of William Wright, and daughter of the above, who died March 23rd, 1826, aged 54 years; also, of the above William Wright, who died March 29th, 1844, aged 69 years.

No. 319. In memory of John, the son of James and Jane Simpson, who died Octr. the 19th, 1800, aged 16 years; also, Elizabeth Simpson, daughter of James and Jane Simpson of Ripon, who departed this life, July 6th, 1810, aged 28 years.

No. 320. Robert, the son of James and Mary Ingram of Bondgate, died the 17th of September, 1801, aged 3 years; also John Ingram died February 10th, 1805, aged 11 years; George Ingram died April 11th 1819, aged 8 years; Elizabeth Gregory died February 17th, 1829, aged 29 years. (At the back of the stone.)—Charles Ingram died January 17th, 1842, aged 27 years; Mary Ingram died July 3rd, 1843, aged 70 years.

No. 321. In memory of Robert Ingram of Bondgate, died May 10th, 1810, aged 63 years; Elizabeth, wife of the above, died December 31st, 1836, aged 82 years; John Ingram died April 17th, 1819, aged 41 years.

No. 322. Sacred to the memory of John Braithwaite of Sharow, who departed this life, 20th May, 1756, aged 55 years; also, Mary his wife, died the 24th of April, 1758, aged 44 years; John