who died October 21st, 1834, aged 68 years; also, of Jane, daughter of the above named Reuben Williamson and Ann his wife, who died May 29th, 1802, aged 3 years.

No. 309. Here lies the body of Martin Stapard, son of William and Jane Stapard, who died the 26th of September, 1793, aged 2 years.

No. 310. Here lieth the body of Joseph, son of Joseph and Sarah Grayson of Bondgate, he died 11th Jany., 1789, aged 17.

Short was his race, the longer is his rest,
God called him hence, because he thought it best,
And now he's gone such is the good report,
He liv'd and dy'd belov'd of every sort.

Sarah, his mother, died the 9th of March, 1800, aged 52; Joseph, his father, died the 17th of January, 1807, aged 63; Hannah, wife of Edward their son, died the 1st of March, 1815, aged 36.

No. 311. Peter Handley of Ripon, departed this life, the 20th of Sept., 1794, ætat. 73; also, Margaret his wife, died July 26th, 1769, ætat. 45; Peter, son of the above, Jany. 28th, 1777, ætat. 22; also, Catherine who died in her infancy; also, James and Ann, son and daughter of Handley and Ann Stevenson, and great grandchildren of the above named Peter and Margaret Handley; James born 31st October, 1840, died 28th Novr., 1841; Ann born 12th Septr., 1825, died 6th Decr., 1841.

No. 312. Sacred to the memory of John Walton of North Stainley, who departed this life, Feby. 12th, 1804, aged 76.

He was a sincere friend,
And fill'd an useful tho' contracted span,
And left the record of an upright man.

No. 313. Sacred to the memory of Elizh. Hannam, the orphan child of Thos. and Elizth. Hannam, late of Leeds, and niece of Elizth. Cundale of this Town. Dutiful and affectionate to her relatives, active and consistent as a member of the Church of Christ, she lived in the esteem and love of her friends, and died happy in the favour of her God, the 2nd Octr., 1826, in the 28th year of her age.

No. 314. Sacred to the memory of Ann, daughter of John and Jane Edmondson of Ripon who died April 29th, 1811, aged 4 years; also, Elizabeth Mary, daughter of the above, who died Jany. 26th, 1814, aged 13 years; also, Jane, George, and Mary, who died in their infancy.

No. 315. John Winn died June the 12th, 1775, aged 77 years.