aged 62 years; also, of Elizabeth Douthwaite his widow, who departed this life the 24th day of May, 1834, aged 67 years.

No. 289. Spence. (The rest defaced.) (This stone lies flat.)

No. 290. In memory of Henry Lambert, who died Decr. 26th, 1840, aged 80 years; also, Jane his wife, who died Decr. 19th, 1837, aged 81 years.

No. 291. Here lies the body of Judith, daughter of Francis Spence, the younger, of this Town, who departed this life the 28th day of April, 1780, aged 3 years.

No. 292. In memory of Sarah Annakin, who died 21st, Jany., 1800, aged 52 ; Sarah, her daughter, died 31st Decr., 1809, aged 27.

No. 293. Here lieth the body of Hannah, the wife of Thomas Kidd of this Town, who died much lamented the 28th of October, 1765, aged 23; also, Mary and Thomas Kidd, their daughter and son, who died in their infancy, 1765.

No. 294. In memory of John Addison, who died 23rd of Dec., 1812, aged 65 years. He was a tender husband, an affectionate father, and much respected and regretted by all who knew him. Also, Hannah, his granddaughter and daughter of Gody. Bellerby of Hull, who died 29th Decr., 1812, aged 1 year.

No. 295. In remembrance of William Robinson Todd, formerly of Morton Grange near Northallerton, but late of Ripon, who departed this life January 22nd, 1823, aged 43 years; also, of William Barker Todd, (son of the above named W. R. Todd), who died October 24th, 1826, aged 16 years and 6 months.

No. 296. Sacred to the memory of the Revd. John Barker, who died Novr. 7th, 1798, aged 60 years.

No. 297. Sacred to the memory of Robert Addison, son of Henry and Elizabeth Addison, died March the 8th, 1810, aged 5 months; also, Charles, their son, died July the 11th, 1812, aged 4 years; also, Mary Hoggitt, their great grandmother, died Sep- tember the 8th, 1812, aged 90 years.

No. 298. Sacred to the memory of Jane, daughter of Thomas and Isabella Wilkinson, she died June 7th, 1795, age 7 years ; likewise two sons, each named Thomas, and a third, Matthew, who died in their infancy ; also, to that of Thomas Wilkinson above mentioned, an Alderman of this Corporation who once filled the office of Mayor, he was son of the late Alderman Wilkinson, and departed this life May 14th, 1811, aged 58 years. His cordiality and genuine integrity ensured the tribute of respect to his