The Vaults leading from the South Door of the Cathedral to the South Entrance of the Church-yard.

No. 251. A Grave near the south entrance of the Church-yard, marked M. D., i. e., Mary Dinsdale, æ24.

No. 252. 11 yards from no. 1, marked J. T., vault 1, belonging to John Thompson, Surgeon, Ripon.

No. 253. Marked G. M., 2 & 1, belonging to George Morton, Spirit Merchant, Ripon.

No. 254. Marked vault 1, 2, C. S. belonging to Christopher Scott, Ripon, Butcher.

No. 255. Marked T. L., vault 1, belonging to Thomas Langdale, Bookseller, Ripon.

No. 256. Marked H. M., vault 1. belonging to Henry Morton, Yeoman.

No. 257. Marked T. F., vault 1, belonging to Thomas Fourness, Yeoman.

No. 258. Marked M. W., vault 1, belonging to Matthew Watson, Currier, Ripon.

No. 259. Marked J. G., vault 1, belonging to John Groves, Yeoman.

No. 260. Marked M. A., æ. 80, 1825, belonging to M. Atkinson, Gentleman.

No. 261. Marked T, J., vault 2, belonging to Thomas Judson, Druggist, Ripon.

No. 262. Marked E. W., vault 1, belonging to Edward Wrather, Yeoman.

No. 263. Marked W. E., vault 2, belonging to William Eedson, Gentleman, Ripon.

No. 264. Marked ———. vault 2, belonging to Ralph Heslop, Wine Merchant, Ripon.

No. 265. Marked T. F., vault 1, belonging to Thomas Farmery, Solicitor, Ripon.

No. 266. A grave marked T. B., 1823, belonging to Thomas Bowran, Joiner, Ripon.

Headstones continued.

No. 267. Here lies the body of James Lindley, who departed this life March 16th, 1812, aged 72 years; also, Hannah, daughter of the above and wife of William Stevens of Studley, who departed this life June the 16th, 1798, in the 25th year of her age; also,