(At the back of this stone.) Sarah, the wife of Wilfred Staveley, was buried April the 30th, 1764, aged 75 years.

No. 210. Beneath are deposited the remains of Dorothy Chinnery, who departed this life July 12th, 1813, aged 89 years.

No. 211. Erected to the memory of Oswald Walker of this city, who died on the 22nd of Sept., 1825, aged 66 years; also, of Sarah his wife, who died on the 23rd of March, 1844, aged 83 years.

No. 212. In memory of Hannah Grainge, wife of John Grainge, who died 2nd of November, 1810, aged 33 years.

No. 213. In memory of Jane Sowden, granddaughter to Thomas and Catherine Lowry, who died Feby. 8th, 1809, aged 1 year. "Bring the little children unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God."

No. 214. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, the wife of John Cock, who departed this life, August 4th, 1822, aged 47 years.

No. 215. In memory of Mary Wood, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Wood, who departed this life May 25th, 1807, aged 5 years and 11 months; also, Thomas their son, who died in his infancy; Mary Whitfield, their niece, died the 10th of Feb- ruary, 1826, aged 18 years; also, Mary Whitfield, mother of the above named Elizth. Wood, she died on the 8th day of Sepr., 1826, aged 101 years. She was a kind and an affectionate parent. Tho- mas Wood, father of the above named children, he died the 3rd of May, 1827, aged 52 years. He was a loving husband and a tender parent. Also, William Whitfield Wood, son of the above Thomas & Elizabeth Wood, who died August 31st, 1839, aged 39 years.

No. 216. AnnTuting died the 25th day of April, 1779, aged 33 years.

No. 217. Fanny, the daughter of Willm. and Mary Atkinson, died 6th of July, 1770. aged 3 years; also, William their son, died 6th Feby., 1772, aged 2 years ; likewise, are here interr'd the remains of Mary Atkinson, their mother and wife of Alder- man Atkinson of this Town, who departed this life October 10th, 1796, aged 62 years; and sacredly is deposited the body of Wil- ham Atkinson, who died March the second, 1802, aged 74 years; also, Hannah, daughter of the above Willm. and Mary Atkinson, died Sept. 18th, 1805, aged 38; also, William, son of Willm. and Mary Atkinson, who died the 14th day of Oct., 1807, aged 34 years; Peter Atkinson, Architect, eldest son of the late Mr. Alder- man Atkinson died April 24th, 1812, aged 56 years.