No. 202. Sacred to the memory of Stephen Moore, son of Wm. and Dorothy Moore of this Town, who died at Newburn in N. Carolina, the 21st of August, 1785, aged 22 years; near this place lie interr'd the remains of Dorothy, the wife of William Moore, who died the 15th of February, 1788, aged 45 years. She was a tender, dutiful, and affectionate wife, and such a mother as few could boast. Also, Margaret Atkinson, wife of Peter Atkinson of this Town and only daughter of Wm. and Dorothy Moore, who died the 5th of January, 1789, aged 28 years; likewise, Wm. Moore Atkinson, son of Peter and Margaret Atkinson, who died the 8th September, 1787, aged 1 year and four months.

No. 203. Here lies the body of Elizabeth Theakstone of Bondgate, who departed this life the 4th day of May, 1814, aged 60 years.

No. 204. In memory of Matthew Jackson of this Town, who died June 4th, 1828, aged 63 years; also, of Jane, his wife who died January 4th, 1834, aged 63 years.

No. 205. To the memory of Miles Shepherd, late of Ripon, who departed this life the 13th June, A. D. 1748, aged 40 years; also, of Elizth. his daughter, who departed this life the 6th of July, A. D. 1742, in the 6th year of her age; Wm. and Miles his 2 sons, Wm. died Dec. 11th, 1755, æ. 25, Miles Oct. 31st, 1756, æ. 27.

No. 206. In memory of William Stubbs, who died the 22nd day of March, 1798, aged 48 years; also, Mary Stubbs, the wife of William Stubbs, who died the 28th day of June, 1810, aged 52 years.

No. 207. Here lies the body of Mary, daughter of Richd. and Phoebe Blackburn, who died the 11th of Oct., 1827, aged 24 years.

Just like a leaf both fresh and green,
She was cut down and no more seen.

No. 208. Sacred to the memory of John, the son of Henry and Ann Willson, who died July 7th, 1806, aged 14 months.

Happy the babe, who privileg'd by fate
To shorter labour and a lighter weight,
Receiv'd but yesterday the gift of breath,
Order'd to-morrow to return to death.

No. 209. Here lies the body of Wilfred Staveley, who died Jan. 25th, 1745, aged 53; also, Robert Staveley his son, who departed this life the 22nd day of Dec.. 1760, in the 35th year of his age. He was a dutiful son, an affectionate husband, a sincere friend, he lived esteemed and died lamented by his acquaintance.