No. 193. Wm. Milburn died Jan. 31st, 1752, ætat. 78.

Remember man as thou goes by,
As thou art now, so once was I,
As l am now, so thou must be,
Therefore prepare to follow me.

No. 194. To the memory of Matthew Beckwith, Alderman and twice Mayor of Ripon, who died the 5th day of February, 1780, aged 78 years. He married Alice, the youngest daughter of Mr. Richard Austin of this town, Bookseller, by whom he had issue 6 sons & 6 daughters, of which 3 of the former & 4 of the latter lay here inter'd, viz., Matthew, who died in 1759, aged 15; Elizabeth died in 1774, aged 34; the rest died in their infancy; also, Alice, wife of the said Matthew Beckwith, died 29th August, 1783, aged 76 years; also, Richard Beckwith, Alderman and twice Mayor of this Town, son of the above Matthew Beckwith, who departed this life the 25th of May, 1796, aged 63 years; Alice Olroyd, daughter of the above Matthew Beckwith, died Jany. 27th, 1810, aged 66 years.

No. 195. Here lye the bodies of five sons and two daughters of Richard Austin, Bookseller.

No. 196. In memory of James Lowley, who died February 25th, 1824, aged 48 years; also, Eleanor his wife, who died February 7th, 1839, aged 63 years. Their loss was much felt by their affectionate sons and daughters.

No. 197. Here lyeth the body of James Spoon, who was born Feby. ye 14th, 1718, and died Sept. ye 26th, 1722. The remainder defaced.

No. 198. Ann, the daughter of James and Ann Cartman, died August, 1789. The remainder defaced.

No. 199. Here lieth the body of John Grainge, who departed this life 30th of December, 1795, aged 73 years; also, the body of Mary, the wife of the above John Grainge, who departed this life March 25th, 1804, aged 79; Mary Grainge, their daughter, died on the 12th day of February, 1829, aged 76 years.

No. 200. Erected in memory of Thomas, the son of Thomas and Sarah Walker, who died April 6th, 1828, aged 4 years; also, of their three daughters, who died in their infancy; and, James, their son, who died June 16th, 1835, aged 14 years.

No. 201. Sacred to the memory of William Atkinson Moore, who departed this life the 23rd of November, 1800, aged 39 years; Mary the wife of William Atkinson Moore, died May 6th, 1811, aged 52 years.