Cartman, their son, who died October 9th 1806, aged 4 years; Mary Ann, their daughter, died 2nd May, 1811, aged 9 months: Robert Cartman, their son, died 13th May, 1816, aged 2 years and 6 months.

No. 184. Sacred to the memory of William, son of William and Amanda Thompson, who died Nov. 7th, 1834, aged 4 years; also, Charlotte Rechabina their daughter, who died in her infancy; also, Amanda, the beloved wife of William Thompson, died Octo- ber 4th, 1844, in the 38th year of her age.

No. 185. In memory of Isabella Hearfield, who died the 25th Septr., 1818, aged 63 years. John Jones, her surviving son, caused this stone to be erected. Also, of Elizabeth, the wife of John Jones, who died June the 25th, 1840, aged 58 years.

No. 186. In memory of Henry Bell, who died July the 18th, 1772, aged 72; also here is deposited the remains of Christopher Bell, who died the 17th August, 1798, aged 66 years.

No. 187. Erected in memory of Ellen, the wife of James Pul- leine of this Town, who departed this life the 26th day of Febru- ary, 1824, in the 67th year of her age.

No. 188. Erected to the memory of John, son of Francis and Isabella Hardcastle, who died December the 24th, 1836, aged 3 years; also, of Henry their son, who died January 18th, 1837, aged 6 months.

No. 189. Here lieth the body of Jane Shepherd, who died Nov. 1st, 1770, aged 28.

Short was my stay in this vain world,
  All but a seeming laughter,
Therefore mark well my words and ways,
  For thou com'st posting after.

No. 190. Sacred to the memory of John Gregg, who departed this life on the 12th day of September, 1841, aged 36 years; also, three of his children, who died in their infancy.

No. 191. To the memory of Peter Gregg and Helen his wife, he died October the 23rd, 1818, aged 37 years, she died October the 3rd, 1812, aged 29 years; also , Peter their son died in infancy; also, Esther his second wife, who died October 18th, 1840, aged 66 years; also, Peter, son of the above named Peter and Esther Gregg, who died Augt. 24th, 1844, aged 30 years; also, Alice his wife, who died July 23rd, 1843, aged 32 years; also, of Elizabeth their daughter, who died in her infancy.

No. 192. Erected to the memory of Thomas Ingleby, who departed this life August 8th, 1828, aged 58 years.