No. 175. Thomas Dawson of Bondgate was buried the 22nd of December, in the year of Our Lord 1676.

No. 176. Sacred to the memory of John Topham, who died the 25th Jany., 1790, aged 45; also, 3 children who died in their infancy; Johanna Topham his wife died the 23rd Decr., 1823, aged 65. The last advice she gave to her children, "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all other things shall be added unto you."

Thy only daughter mourns her loss in thee
Thou tender mother of her infancy.

Elizabeth Handy died the 16th Sept., 1804, aged 68. Mary Kid- son died 23rd March , 1823, aged 90.

No. 177. Sacred to the memory of Mary Mawbey, the wife of Samuel Mawbey, who departed this life the 18th of December, 1835, aged 64 years.

No. 178. Here lies the body of Richard Stevenson, who died January 27th, 1809, aged 72 years; John Stevenson his grandson died the 5th day of August, 1826, aged 21.

No. 179. Here lieth the body of Ann Cust, daughter of John Cust, died the 3rd of April, 1796, aged 7 years; also, John Cust, who died in his infancy, Sept. 1st, 1796; Mary, wife of the above John Cust, died the 27th July, 1797, aged 33 years; Elizabeth, daughter of the above John Cust, died 10th of August, 1797, aged 6 weeks.

No. 180. Here lieth the body of Jane, the wife of Christopher Lewis, who departed this life June the 16th, 1758, aged 48.

No. 181. In memory of Henry, the son of Richard and Ann Ewbank, who died November 4th, 1813, aged 11 years; also, of the above Ann Ewbank, who died Octr. 6th, 1819, aged 62 years; and of the above Richard Ewbank, who died April 18th, 1835, aged 79 years.

No. 182. Here lies the bodies of William and Dorothy Shearwin, who died in their infancy; William died Augt. 17th, 1790, aged 3 years; Dorothy died Feby. 4th, 1804, aged 3 years. They were taken away suddenly, lest wickedness should alter their understandings and deceit beguile their souls, Joseph Shearwin, father of the above Wm. and Dorothy, departed this life March the 14th, 1805, aged 45 years.

No. 183. Sacred to the memory of Mary Cartman, wife of John Cartman, Attorney, who died the 28th February, 1827, aged 46 years; here are also deposited the remains of George Willm