years; also, of Margaret, the wife of the above named John Lonsdale and daughter of the above named Ann Haxby, she departed this life August 2nd, 1829, aged 77 years.

No. 167. Sacred to the memory of George Lonsdale, grandson of John and Margaret Lonsdale, who are named on the adjacent stone, he departed this life October 2lst, 1830, aged 3l years.

168. In memory of Robert Jefferson of Sutton Grange, who died April 23rd, 1812, aged 61 years; William Jefferson his son died the 15th of May, 1823, in the 27th year of his age; also, Elizabeth, wife of John Allen and daughter of the above, died Augst. 23rd, 1841, aged 61 years.

No. 169. In memory of an honest man, John Howden, he died 26th July, 1782, æ. 63.

No. 170. Sacred to the memory of George Rumfitt, Innkeeper, second husband of Hannah Simpson, he died the 7th of Feby., 1824, aged 54 years; Dorothy their daughter died in her infancy; Hannah Rumfitt, wife of the above George Rumfitt, died the 26th of August, 1830, aged 66 years. (On the back of the stone.)—Sacred to the memory of John Simpson, Innkeeper, who died 28th of March, 1801, aged 30 years; also, John his son, who died in his infancy; also, Thomas his son died the 10th of March, 1802, in the 3rd year of his age.

No. 171. Near this place lie the bodies of one son and four daughters of Mr. George Snowden of Ripon, who died in their infancy.

No. 172. Sacred to the memory of Mary, eldest daughter of John Ewbank, Alderman, who departed this life the 28th day of April, 1794, aged 34 years; also, Martha, the wife of Reuben Raw and youngest daughter of Alderman Ewbank, who departed this life Decr. the 10th, 1801, aged 37 years; likewise, Mary Ann, daughter of Reuben and Martha Raw, who departed this life the 14th of July, 1804, aged 6 years; and a child named Elizabeth, who died in her infancy.

No. 173. Here lieth the body of George Ewbank, who died March the 1st, 1753, æ. 61. He had three wives, Elizabeth, who was interred at Well, and by whom he had one son Andrew; Martha interr'd near this place, by whom he had Mary, George, and Ann; also, Ann buried here, who left issue, John and Martha.

No. 174. Jane Parvin, ye daughter of Jonathan Parvin, died Novr. 12th, 1770, æ. 46. Charity, the wife of John Howden, died the 15th of February, 1780, aged 45 years.