23rd, 1771, aged 73 years; also, Charity his wife, who died Octr. the 6th, 1761, aged 6 years; likewise, Thos. their son, who died Decr. the 19th, 1765, aged 32 years.

No. 160. Ann Pearson died the 10th day of April, 1786, aged 33 years; also, John Pearson, son of the above Ann Pearson, died the 28th day of June, 1813, aged 36 years; also, John Pearson, Alderman, who departed this life the 4th day of May, 1815, aged 70 years.

No. 161. To the memory of Elizabeth Copple, who departed this life the 29th of Sept., 1801, aged 21 years.

No. 162. Sacred to the memory of Sarah, wife of John Jame- son of Bondgate, who died June 19th, 1839, aged 54 years; also, Benjamin, son of the above, who died August 7th, 1839, aged 22 years; also, Henry, son of the above, who died June 16th, 1842, aged 20 years.

No. 163. Jonathan Haynes died May 30th, 1670. (Lower part cut down for the epitaph of Charles Haynes.)

In manners plain, in worth approv'd,
A friend sincere, a servant lov'd,
Little in wealth, in bounty great,
Narrow the means, the will compleat,
Who saw no strife without his grief,
No want, but gave or wished relief,
Large mind restrain'd by low degree,
A labourer for charity.
The good rewarding all his pains,
He that was this was Charles Haynes.

He was Park Keeper to the Hon. Mr. Aislabie. (Stone defaced.)

No. 164. Here lieth the body of Elizabeth, the wife of Andrew Ridsdale, by whom he had one son, she died May 20th, 1735, æ. 27; also, Andrew and Wm. to his 2nd wife, who died young; John died Decr. 14th, 1775, æ 20.

No. 165. Erected in memory of Elizabeth, the wife of John Ingram, who departed this life May 18th, 1815, aged 71 years also, the above John Ingram, who departed this life Novr. 29th, 1815, aged 76 years; also, Elizabeth, the daughter of Robert and Jane Ingram of Ripon, who departed this life 26th July, 1831, aged 13 years and 6 months; also, Robert Ingram, father of the above named Elizabeth Ingram, died June 13th, 1844, aged 71 years.

No. 166. Erected to the memory of Ann Haxby, who de- parted this life October 23rd, 1803, aged 89 years; and, of John Lonsdale, who departed this life December 22nd, 1803, aged 59