No. 153. Here lieth the body of Thomas Cundale, who died July 7th, 1799, aged 55 years; also, of Mary his wife, who died June 15th, 1819, aged 84 years; and, of Martha Swanfelder their daughter, who died March the 21st, 1804, aged 28 years; also, of Mary Cundale their daughter, who died the 14th of April, 1833, aged 54 years; also, of Jane Cundale their daughter, who died December 3rd, 1845, aged 76 years.

No. 154. In memory of William Cundale, Painter, who died February 2nd, 1837, aged 39 years; also, James his son, who died February 11th, 1835, aged 2 years; and, Mary Ann his daughter, who died May 8th, 1838 aged 2 years.

No. 155. Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann Cundale, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Cundale, who died March 19th, 1802, aged 1 year and 5 months; also, the above Thomas Cundale, Painter, died August 17th, 1812, aged 39 years.

O cruel death that could no longer spare,
A loving husband and a tender father dear.

No. 156. To the memory of Ann Whaley, daughter of Mr. John Whaley of Knaresborongh, who departed this life June 13th, 1807, in 92nd year of her age; also to the memory of Ann Allenson Simpson her niece, and daughter of Mr. James Allenson Simpson, who died on the 14th June, 1807, aged 7 years. They were inter'd in one grave.

No. 157. To the memory of Mr. James Allenson Simpson of Ripon, who departed this life on the 25th day of January, 1812, aged 37 years.

No. 158. Near this place was buried Richd. Allanson of Sharow 3rd October, 1625, æ. 81; George his son 13th Feby. 1671, æ. 87; Stephen his son 9th July, 1677, æ. 50; John Allanson, the son of Stephen, 20th April, 1724, æ. 60; Ann his wife 23rd Augt., 1738, æ. 69, who had 19 children; Mr. George Allanson, Supervisor, their seventh son, 11th Feb., 1756, æ. 55; Mr. Michael Allanson, son of Michael Allanson, Attorney at law, 29th Sept., 1733, æ. 27.

No. 159. Here lieth the body of Mr. Francis Smith, who died the 4th day of Febry., 1799, aged 67 years; also, of Eleanor Smith, who died the 10th day of Febry., 1799, aged 68 years; also, Charity, daughter of the above, who departed this life Octr. 12th, 1835, aged 69 years; Robert Johnson departed this life July 17th, 1830, aged 40 years. (On the back of the stone.)—
Here lieth the remains of Thos. Dixon, who died February the