No. 143. Here rests in humble hopes of a glorious resurrection George Harrison. The other part is defaced.

No. 144. George Harrison died Decr. 5th, 1705, aged 51 years; also, Thos. Harrison, his son. died May 5th, 1796, aged 5 years.

No. 145. This stone is defaced.

No. 146. Here lieth the body of Julian, the wife of John Dix- son of Rippon, which was interr'd the 7th of Decr., 1743, aged 55 years.

No. 147. In memory of Thomas Bell, who died 1st of July, 1807, aged 34 years.

Afflictions sore long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain,
Till God did please
My life with death to ease,
And free me from my pain.

Also, of John Bell, his brother, who died Jany. 11th, 1835, aged 58 years.

One of the best of friends is dead,
  And they have laid him here;
Tread lightly on his hallow'd bed,
  For death has made it dear.

No. 148. In memory of Christopher Wilson, who died April 6th, 1830, aged 75 years; also, Catherine, his wife, who died Novr. 23rd, 1829, aged 75 years.

No. 149. Sacred to the memory of John Mercer, who died June 7th, 1804, aged 9 years; also, Thomas Mercer, father of the above John Mercer, who departed this life the 10th of July, 1807, aged 52 years, much lamented by his family and friends; also, Elizabeth, wife of the above Thos. Mercer, who died November the 5th, 1835, aged 78 years.

No. 150. Richard Ullithorn died February 29th, 1752, aged 51; near this place lie his mother, two sisters, wife, and 7 children.

No. 151. In memory of Ellen Atkinson, who died the 2nd of March, 1822, aged 26 years.

No. 152. Here lies the body of Elizabeth, the truly affec- tionate and most deservedly beloved wife of Ralph Smithson of Ripon, who departed this life the 30th day of Octr., 1773, aged 80; also, the above Ralph Smithson dyed the 5th December, 1781, aged 80 years.