Till God did please,
My life with death to ease,
And free me from my pain.

No. 128. Hicjacet Zacharias Jepson cujus ætas fuit 49. Perpaucos tantum annos vixit. This excellent person, whose memory deserves a better monument, gave above 2000l to the charity school.

No. 129. To the memory of Thomas Wilks, who departed this life June the 20th, 1802, aged 35 years; also, Elizabeth, his wife, who died June 21st, 1816, aged     years; also, Elizabeth, his daughter, departed this life April the 16th, 1802, aged 3 years.

No. 130. Here lieth the body of John Turner, who died the 29th day of October, 1791, aged 50 years; also, Mary, his wife, who died on the 21st day of December, 1820, aged 88 years.

No. 131. Here lieth the body of Mr. John Raggett of Markenfield Hall, who died the 24th July, 1722, aged 82 years; also, his son, Mr. Thomas Raggett of Knaresbro', Apothecary, and son of Mr. John Raggett of Markenfield Hall, who died on the 21st of Febry., 1742, aged 42 ; Mary, the wife of Mr. John Raggett of Markenfield Hall, who died October 25th, 1743, aged 52 years; also, Mr. John Raggett of Markenfield Hall died 15th of July, 1765, aged 66; John Raggett, son of the above John and Mary Raggett, after a long residence at Markenfield Hall with distinguished hospitality, benevolence, and truly christian duties, died at Ripon much and deservedly lamented on the 6th of Jany. , 1798, aged 75, and lies here interred. The following inscription is at the back of the stone.—Here lieth the body of Mr. John Hickington, Joiner in Ripon, who died the 8th day of October, 1735, aged 36 years; also, Jane, his wife, daughter of Mr. Raggett, Solr., died March the 10th, 1743, aged 36. Ann Raggett, wife of Edward Raggett, died April 2nd, 1806, aged 81; Dorothy Raggett, widow of the above John Raggett, died the 9th of April, 1813, aged 84.

No. 132. As a tribute of tender affection this stone is erected by Mary Atkinson, in memory of her beloved and lamented niece Elizabeth Mercer, who died November 11th, 1834, aged 18 years.

No. 133. Sacred to the memory of John Ulithorn, late of Ripon, who departed this life Feby. 27th, 1775, aged 42 years; also, Sabrina, his wife, who departed this life April 2nd, 1800, aged 71 years; also, four children who died in their infancy; also, Rebecca, the wife of Thomas Dyson of Braithwell, and daughter of the above John and Sabrina Ulithorn, who died April 22nd, 1839, aged 75 years.