ces Tompson, his wife, died the 5th of October, 1799, aged 85 years.

No. 121. Here lies the body of John Miers, formerly of this place, who died the 18th day of June, 1784, aged 75 years; also, the body of Jane his wife, who died the 1st day of March, 1751, aged 38 years; also, the body of William Miers, son of the above named John and Jane Miers, who died the 7th day of June, 1772, aged 27 years; also, the bodies of Ann and Mary, their daughters, who died infants.

No. 122. Sacred to the memory of John Binns, Junr., who died 6th April, 1814, aged 43 years; also, of two of his children, who died in their infancy; Henry, his son died the 8th of June, 1824, aged 17 years; also, of Mary, the wife of the above John Binns, who died July 22nd, 1831, aged 64 years.

No. 123. Hannah, the wife of Jno. Blackburn, and daughter of John and Mary Binns, died the 15th July, 1824, aged 22 years.

Thy only son that mourns his loss in thee,
Thou tender guardian of his infancy.—

No. 124. Here lieth the wife of Alfred William Miers. daughter of Mr. John Smirk of Bishopton, who departed August 3rd, 1701, left issue Thomas, Joshua, also Alfred William Miers, who died the 20th of May, 1702; here lieth Mr. John Miers; also, the daughter of George Kilburn of Halifax , who died the 10th of March, 1750, aged 38 years. The rest is defaced. On a flat stone.

No. 125. Christopher Hunton, Alderman, died September 1st, 1737, aged 71 years; also, Susannah, his wife died November the 20th, 1761, aged 87 years; also, John Hunton, their son, died November the 9th, 1774, aged 67 years. Near this place lies the remains of Esther Whitehead, who departed this life March 16th, 1778, aged 64 years. (This last inscription is on the back of the stone.)

No. 126. Hear lieth the body of Hunton Robinson, son of John Robinson, junr., who departed this life July 23rd, 1807, aged 17 years; aIso, John Robinson, his brother, died Octr. 26th, 1807, aged 12 years; also, John Robinson, their father, who died the 19th of May, 1815, aged 51 years.

No. 127. Sacred to the memory of Mary, daughter of John and Frances Brown, who departed this life August 27th, 1798, aged 1 year; also, John, their son, who departed this life Novr. 23rd, 1814, aged 16 years.

Afflictions sore long time I bore,
Physicians where in vain,