man, he served the office of Mayor three times for this Borough. Obiit the 7th of April, 1798, in the ninetieth year of his age.

No. 93. (This stone lies flat.) Here lies the body of John Horner of Ripon, Grocer; and, also Ann, his wife, she lived 3 years a widow, and departed this life the 27th of April, 1753, aged 66 years; William obiit 22nd of August, 1759, aged 38 years; John Horner obiit 10th January, 1769, aged 49 years. (This last inscription upon a plate in the stone.) To the memory of John Horner, Alderman, twice Mayor of Ripon, obiit February 1st, 1750, ætat. 70.

No. 94. Near this place lies the body of John, son of Thomas and Dorothy Trees, who died Augt. the 18th, 1787, aged 7 years; also, Mary, their daughter,, who died in her infancy.

You readers all both old and young,
Your time on earth will not be long;
I like a leaf both fresh and green,
Have been cut off, and no more seen.

No. 95. To the memory of Thomas Trees, who departed this life the 19th of January, 1818, aged 69 years.

Reader! survey the ground your tread,
Think' tis the regelon of the dead,
Ask are you ready to obey
The call that summon'd me away.

Also, Dorothy, wife of the above Thomas Trees, who died June 18th, 1821, in the 76th year of her age.

By love cleave fast to God above,
For nought on earth deserves thy love;
The death of Christ is life to thee.
If thou a christian truly be.

No. 96. Here lies the body of William, son of Thos. and Ester Bolton, who died May the 4th, 1789, aged 12 years; the above Thomas Bolton died April 25th, 1813, aged 73 years.

No. 97. To the memory of Ann Bath, who died October 5th, 1826, aged 75 years.

No. 98. In memory of John Bell, who died December 3rd, 1840, aged 66 years; also, Ann, his wife, who died Novr. 1st, 1838, aged 60 years; also four children who died in infancy.

No. 99. Jane., tbe wife of Thomas Blakey, died the 2nd of April, 1788, aged 36 years.

No. 100. Philip Sands, late of Mickley, departed this life