The best of wives this grave encloseth here,
A tender mother to her children dear;
Our loss deplore, we hope her soul may rest
In joy celestial, with Christ for ever blest.

Likewise, Catherine, daughter of the above George and Sarah Vant, who died Augt. 6th, 1823, aged 4 years.

No. 69. T. S. L., 1826. These are the children of John Linney.

No. 70. In memory of Mary, the wife of William Wilson of this Town, Painter, who departed this life July 8th, 1834, aged 30 years; also, of Jane Ann their daughter who died in her infancy.

No. 71. Mary, the wife of John Snowden, died the 5th of Novr., 1753, aged 40 years; and the above John Snowden died the 29th of March, 1787, aged 67 years.

No. 72. Sacred to the memory of John Dowson, who departed this life the 30th of April, 1777, aged 68 years : also, Mary, his wife, departed this life the 11th of Novr., 1778, aged 67 years; also, Hannah, daughter of Thos. and Hannah Dowson, who de- parted this life April the 19th, 1787, aged 9 months; Hannah, the wife of Thomas Dowson, departed this life, April 10th, 1778, aged 26 years. For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.—1 chap. Phillipians 21 v.

Yet death may choose his keenest dart,
  And give the grave its clod;
It only frees the better part,
  And sends it home to God.

No. 73. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, the wife of John Dowson, who departed this life the 25th of June, 1807, aged 23 Years; John Dowson departed this life the 26th day of Jany., 1811, aged 27 years. He lived beloved and died lamented.

No. 74. Erected to the memory of Thomas Cooper, he died April 5th, 1827, aged 28; and also, of his only chiId Thomas Cussons Cooper, who died in infancy.

The widow though mourning her partner's demise;
  The mother though grieving the loss of her son;
Yet rememb'ring that He who took them is wise,
  Submissively crieth "let 'His will be done."

No. 75. Sacred to the memory of Jane Cust, wife of Thomas Cust, who died the 20th of December, 1796, aged 63 years; also, the above Thomas Cust, who died the 18th of February, 1807, aged 90 years; also, Ann Cust, the wife of John Cust, who de- parted this life the 7th of October, 1825, aged 49 years; also,