years; and near this place, also, are interred eight of their children; also Elizabeth, the wife of William Nicholson (son of the above named William and Mary Nicholson), who departed this life October the 8th, 1826, aged 52 years.

No. 43. Sacred to the memory of Margaret, the wife of John Anderson, who died Jany. 27th, 1801, aged 29; also, Robert, the son of John and Margaret Anderson, died the 26th of August, 1822, aged 22 years; and Mary, their daughter, died the 1st of March, 1823, aged 27 years.

No. 44. Sacred to the memory of John Anderson, who died January 25th, 1838, aged 77 years.

Ye living men survey the tomb
  Where you must quickly dwell
Hark! how the awful summons sounds
  In every funeral knel.

No. 45. Here lies the remains of Sarah Milner, daughter of Robert and Isabella Milner, who died April 13th, 1798, aged 8 years; also, the mortal remains of the aforesaid Isabella Milner, who died January 3rd, anno Domini 1810, aged 63 years.

No. 46. Sacred to the memory of John Trees of Ripon, who departed this life the 10th day of April, in the year of Our Lord 1829, aged 36 years.

No. 47. Here lies the body of Thomas, the son of George and Sarah Crampton, who died May the 4th, 1811, aged 1 year and 3 months.

No. 48. Here rests in peace the remains of Isabella Theakston, who died the 19th of May, 1799, aged 40 years; likewise, Michael Theakston, her husband, both of this Town, who departed this life the 6th of June, 1807, aged 68 years. Whilst here on earth they did their duty, "go thou and do likewise." Also near the above Isabella and Michael Theakston, slumber in peace four of their infant children, Mary, William, William, and Sarah.

No. 49. In memory of John Abbot, who departed this life the 19th day of June, 1815, aged 30 years; also, Leonard Dues, his nephew, who departed this life the 1st of August, 1814, aged 16 years; also, in memory of Joseph, father of the above John Abbot, who died October 17th, 1824, aged 93 years.

No. 50. Sacred to the memory of Mary, the wife of Thomas Fisher of this town, senior, who departed this life the 7th day of January, 1822, aged 61 years; also, of the above named Thomas Fisher, who departed this life July 21st, 1824, aged 68 years.