Flags in the North Aisle of the Nave

No. 162. Mary, the wife of John Smith of Aldfield, died Feby. ye 1st, 1762, aged 73 years; John Smith, of Aldfield, died May ye 28th, 1765, aged 67; Mary, wife of William Smith of Ripon, died 6th of September, 1703, aged 63.

No. 163. Alfred, son of John Smith of Aldfeild, died Jany. ye 23rd, 1739, aged 16; Wm. Smith, of Ripon, son of John Smith of Aldfield, died Febry., 1799; the Revd. Wm. Smith of Otley, son of Wm. Smith of Ripon, died Novr. 14th, 1834, aged 62; John Smith of Otley, son of Wm. Smith of Ripon, died January 23rd, 1834, aged 68.

No. 164. Elizabeth, wife of John Smith of Otley, died May 14th, 1835, aged 44 years.

No. 165. Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of William Finney, Esq., he departed this life the 19th of February, 1813, aged 103 years; also of Grace Finney, his daughter, who died 19th day of August, 1827, aged 51 years.

No. 166. Henry William Strickland died the twelfth day of February, 1818, aged 9 years and 5 months.

No. 167. Anne, daughter of Mr Rich. Hinde, died September ye 16th, 1706, in the 2nd year of her age; Elizabeth Wrightson died February ye 14th, 1718, aged 73; Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. Richard Hinde, died the 1st day of April, 1726, aged 46; Elizabeth, daughter of Mr William Hinde, died ye 24th day of August 1729, aged 2 months; William, son of Mr William Hinde, died the 8th of August, 1733, aged 6 months.

No. 168. Richard Hinde, Gentleman, died 11th of November, 1733, aged 55.

No. 169. Margaret, daughter of Mr William Hinde, died 30th November, 1738, aged 1 year and 2 months; Margaret, wife of William Hinde, Gentleman, daughter of Alderman Cundale, died the 29th day of October, 1752, aged 50; Mary, wife of Richd. Hinde, Gentleman, daughter of Christopher Kitchingman, Esquire, died the 15th day of May, 1763, aged 36.

No. 170. William Hinde, Gentn., died the 12th March 1768, aged 62; Mary, the wife of Willm. Hinde, Gent., died 19th Febry., 1771, aged 63; Richard Hinde, eldest son of the above William Hinde, died June the 18th, 1775, aged 42. Near this place also lieth Richd. Hinde, Esqre., only son of the above named Richd. Hinde, who died 30th April, 1787, aged 26.