[TRANSLATION.—Sacred to the memory of Anne, the most loving wife of Simon Hutchinson, of Ripon, Apothecary, who died very much lamented the 24th of July, in the year of Our Lord 1730, and in the 39th year of her age. She had rather be religious in any state of life than appear to be so; was a kind friend, a loving wife, and affectionate mother, liberal to the necessitous, and esteemed by all persons.]

The Flags in the North Aisle of the Nave.

No. 158. To the memory of Waldegrave Tancred, Esq., son of Sir William Tancred, of Brampton; and of Alethea, his wife, daughter of Sir Edward Blackett, of Newby, Bart. They died examples of piety and resignation, and were buryed near this place, he on May 23rd, 1742, aged 67, she on May 30th, 1761, aged 80.

No. 159. Here lies the body of Mr. Wm. Wade, of Bishop Monkton, Gent., who died 6th March, 1766, æ. 76.

No. 160. H. S. E. Stephanus Weelks de Ripon, Generosus, A.M.., ac Collegii Magdalensis in Oxonio olim socius, qui obiit duodecimo die Julii, ætatis quinquagesimo anno Dom., 1712, juxta hunc jacent pater ejus Stephanus Weelks, de Fountains Park, Generosus, avus Stephani Weelks, de Sawley, Generosus, proavus Robertus Weelks de Sawley, Generosus.

  [TRANSLATION.—Here lieth the body of Stephen Weelks of Ripon, Gentleman, Master of Arts, and formerly a Fellow of Magdalen College in Oxford, who died the 12th day of July, in the 50th year of his age, and in the year of Our Lord, 1712. Near him lie interred the bodies of his father Stephan Weelks of Fountains-park, Gent.; the grandfather Stephen Weelks of Sawley, Gentleman; and his great-grandfather Robert Weelks of Sawley, Gentleman.]

No. 161. In memory of William Chambers, Alderman and thrice Mayor of Ripon, who died Septr. 29th, 1714, aged 60; Faith, his wife, who died Nov. 17th, 1713, aged 63; also William Chambers, Alderman and once Mayor of Ripon, who died Febry., 25th, 1753, aged 48. Alismond, Jane, Margaret, and Alismond, his four daughters who died young; likewise Margaret, his wife and mother of the above four daughters, who died August 14th, 1774, aged 63. William Chambers, Esq., son of the above named William and Margaret, who died June 16th, 1796, aged 62; Elizabeth, his wife, and daughter of Anthony Eyre, Esquire, who died the 8th day of May, 1803; also the remains of Diana Eyre, spinster, daughter of the said Anthony Eyre, Esq., who died the 2nd day of November, 1806, in the 83rd year of her age.