garet, and Dorothy; William died in the second year of his age, and lies here interr'd with his parents; Dorothy died in the twelth year of her age, and was buried at Ackworth. Margaret their only surviving daughter, wife of Thomas Bright, of Badsworth, Esqr., caused this Monument to be erected, 1735.

153. Underneath this marble is entombed Henry Mills Nesfield, son of the Revd. Wm. Nesfield, Rector of Brancepeth in the County of Durham, and Marianne his wife, he had been only three weeks at Bishopton school, near this place, when on the 23rd of Feby., 1823, in the llth year of his age, after a few days' illness it pleased the Almighty to take him to himself. For a child, whose opening virtues, sweetness of disposition, and soundness of intellect gave such promising hopes, his afflicted parents would have felt inconsolable sorrow, but for the blessed reflection, that through the mercies of God in Christ Jesus, their temporal loss is his everlasting gain.

No. 154. Near this place is deposited the remains of Ann Wood, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Hinde, Esqr., she died September the 13th, 1797, aged 67 years. Sacred to the memory of Wm. Henry Wood, Esqre., of Littlethorpe, only son of David and Ann Wood, died May 13th, 1812, aged 47 years.

No. 155. This keeps alive the worthy fame of Margaret Chittle, maiden lady, who educated the youth of her sex for forty years at Ripon, in useful learning, and adorned them with her virtues; free from the gloss of wealth and ostentation, heaven graced her humble walk in life with majesty of mind, and look and acts of pure benevolence, for tho' her scanty means sprung only from her own industry, she made them flow with silent sweetness to help the work of charity. She died on the 8th of Decr., 1813, at the age of 81, and was buried in this Church. Merit claimed this tribute to her memory from her surviving friend John Coates, Solicitor, in this Town.

No. 156. Sacred to the memory of John Smith, Esqre., Solicitor of Otley, who died Jany. the 23rd, 1835, aged 68; and of Elizabeth, his wife, who died May the 14th, 1835, aged 44; also to the memory of Revd. William Smith, Incumbent of Burley and Poole, who died Novr. the 14th, 1834, aged 62.

No. 157. M.S.  Annæ uxoris amantissimæ Simonis Hutchinson de Ripon, Pharmacopolæ, quæ flebilis obiit 25 Julii, ann. Dom. 1730, ætat. 39. In qualibet vitæ conditione esse, quam videri pia maluit; amica, conjux, mater, jucunda, amabilis, tenerima, benigna indigis, omnibus spectata,