ingman, of Ripon, Esqr., & daughter of Alderman Charles Lister, who departed this life 13th June, 1732, aged 31; she had issue nine children, seven are here interr'd, Thomas & Mary still survive; also Christopher Kitchingman, Esqre., who died 26th Novr., 1754, aged 63; Thomas Kitchingman, Esq., son of Christopher and Isabella Kitchingman, died Febry. 15th, 1793, aged 63 years; Mary, wife of the above Thomas Kitchingman, departed this life Decr. 18th, 1821, aged 85 years.

No. 137. Sacred to the memory of William Tancred, Esqr., of Rotherham, (second son of the late Charles Tancred, Esqr., of Arden-Hall, in this County) who died at Ripon, September the 15th, 1816, aged 77 years; also the remains of Elizabeth, wife of the above Wm. Tancred, Esqre., who died at York, 11th Janry., 1817, aged 69 years.

No. 138. Here lieth interr'd the body of John Wise, of Ripon, Esquire, who departed this life the 2nd day of February, Anno Domini 1743, aged 69 years, who married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir Edward Blackett, of Newby, Baronet; George Sinclair, who died April 8th, 1804.

No. 139. Thomas Horner, Esqre., Alderman, and twice Mayor of Ripon, died June 1st, 1799, aged 76 years.

No. 140. Here lyes the body of Martha Staveley, wife of Miles Staveley, Esqre., of North Stainley, who died in May, 1738; also her husband, who died 10th June, 1752. Near this place lye four children of Gregory Rhodes, Esq., of Ripon.

No. 141. Miles Staveley, of North Stainley, General in His Majesty's Forces, &c., &c., died the 26th day of July, 1814, in the 77th year of his age.

No. 142. Sacred to the memory of William Colbeck, Alderman, who died April 17th, 1806, aged 60 years; also Elizabeth, wife of the above died March 9th, 1818, aged 71 years; also Ann Colbeck, their daughter, who died April 14th, 1821, aged 36 years.

No. 143. Sacred to the memory of Peter Snowden, Esqr., who departed this life the 14th day of October, 1825, aged 86 years.

No. 144. James Green died March, 1827, aged 37 weeks.

No. 145. Mary the wife of Thomas Kilvington, Esqr., M.D., died the 2nd day of May, 1809, in the 72nd year of her age; Thomas Kilvington, Esqr., M.B., died the 13th day of Sept., 1823, in his 92nd year.