ter of the late Revd. Thomas Webb, of Gloucester, widow of the late Mr. John Batty, of Ripon, and formerly wife of William Shortgrave Middleton, Esq., of Bath, she departed this life on the 24th Septr., 1834, aged 69 years. Beloved and respected by all who knew her.

No. 129. Near this marble lie interred the remains of Peter Snowden, of Bondgate near Ripon, who departed this life October 14th, 1825, aged 86. I rest in hope.

No. 130. Sacred to the memory of the Revd. Isaac Godmond Clerk, late Vicar of Burton Leonard, in this county, and also one the Vicars Choral of this Collegiate Church forty-three years, who having devoted a long and valuable life to a faithful discharge of the several duties of his sacred office, died universally lamented on the 9th day of October, anno Domini 1809, ætatis 75 years; also in memory of Elizabeth, his faithful wife the affectionate mother of ten children rich in every domestic virtue, she departed this life on the 25th day of April, in the same year, ætatis 77 years. Their surviving children have caused this tablet to be erected as an humble tribute of gratitude and affection to the memory of their revered Parents.

No. 131. M. S. Mariæ Thomæ Kilvington, Armigeri, M.B., conjugis dilectissimæ, obiit Maii 2nd, anno Christi 1809, ætat. 72. Suis omnibus nunquam non deflenda Thomas Kilvington, M.D., ob. Sept. 13th, A. D. 1823, ætat. 92, qualis fuit dies iste indicabit.

No. 132. Near this place lieth the body of Elizabeth Norton, widow of Thomas Norton, of Grantley in this parish, Esqre., she was the eldest daughter of William Serjeantson, of Kirkby-Malham-Dale in this county, Esquire, was baptiz'd the 4th day of November, 1692, and died the 10th day of September, 1774.

Flags in the North Transept.

No. 133. Here lies the body of Francis Blackburne, Alderman of Richmond, who died May 9th, 1710, aged 29 years.

No. 134. Elizabeth the wife of John Lister, Esqre.. died June 1st, 1772, aged 70 years; also William Lister, Gentleman, died 2nd Septr., 1778, aged 84 years; John Lister, Esqr., died the first of Septr., 1788, aged 84 years.

No. 135. Charles Lister, Alderman, & thrice Mayor of Ripon, died, ye 14th of Febry. A. Dom. 1730, ætat. 70; also Mary his wife, died the 3rd April, 1755, aged 78 years.

No. 136. Here is interr'd Isabella the wife of Christr. Kitch-