No. 109. Septentrionali latere altaris Domini nostri superfluum animæ reconditur Jemimæ Annæ Carolinæ Webber Decani hujusce ædis Cathedralis earum quæ supersunt filiæ secundæ obiit Junii 29,1840, æt 14.

Vivi beata pur; chi nostra sorte,
Non tu sventura a lagrimar n'invita,
Posiach'al tuo partir sì denga é forte
Parte di noi fa col tu pie partita.
Ma se questa, chil volgo appella morte,
Privati ha noi á' una terrena aita;
Celeste aita ora unpetrar ne puvi,
Che'l ciel t' accoglie infra gli eletti suvi.

No. 110. Heneage Dering, L,L.D., 1750. Near this place are interred the remains of Anne Dering, daughter of Heneage and Anne Dering, who died May the 20th, 1780, aged 64.

No. 111. Anne Dering died Novr. 13th, 1771, aged 80; also Philadelphia, daughter of Heneage and Anne Dering, who died Octr. 31st, A. D. 1806, aged 83 years; and also their last surviving daughter Judith Dering, who died Octr. 3rd, A.D. 1813, aged 83 years.

No. 112. Here lieth the body of Mr. Francis White of Ripon, who died the 23rd of Novr., 1776, aged 53 years. He was Register, &c., of this Church 32 years. Eandem Felix. Jane his wife, here interr'd the 18th June, 1788, aged 70 years.

No. 113. Sacred to the memory of Peter Taylor, Esqre., who died the 2nd day of Augt., 1819, aged 79. He was Register of this Church 34 years; and Town Clerk of this Borough 35 years.

No. 114. Here 1ieth in hopes of a glorious resurrection, the bodies of Mrs. Francis Ridsdale, daughter of Mr. Edward Ridsdale; and of John his Son; she died the 12th of Febry, 1697; John died the 19th June, 1680; Susanna his Daughter, died the 8th Jany. 1689; and all near to Mrs. Grace Drake, their Grandmother, the Widow of Mr. John Drake, late Sub-Dean of this Church, who died June 4th, 1692.

No. 115. Here lyeth in hopes of a glorious resurrection, the body of Mrs. Frances Ridsdale, the late dear wife of Mr. Ed. Ridsdale, who departed this life, the 12th of Febry., 1709; also near this place lyeth in hopes of a glorious resurrection, the body of the said Edd. Ridsdale, Gentn., who departed this life ye 20th day of February, A.D. 1728, ætat. 77.

Monuments in the North Transept.

No. 116. Sacred to the memory of Mr. Francis White, of