Nuncius é cœlo, tandem componere lites,
  Fati, descendens, ultima jussa refert.
Tum moriens animam cœlo, corpusque sepulchro,
  Nobis ingenii clara trophæa dedit.

Heaven, earth and men, for one thing do contend,
Each one doth Fowler challenge as his own;
God's messenger from heaven, the strife to end,
Descends; and thus his will performs, and's gone!
His soul to heaven; his body to the grave;
To us the trophies of his wit he gave.

No. 104. Near this place are deposited the remains of Robert Porteus, Esq., a native of Virginia and a member of His Majesty's Council or Upper House of Legislature in that Province, from thence he moved to England, and resided first at York, afterwards in this Town, where he died August 8, 1758, aged 79 years.

No. 105.—To the memory of Edmund Jennings, formerly of this place, and of the Middle Temple London, Esquire, who was born at Anapolis, in the then British Province of Maryland, in the month of August, 1731, and died at Kensington, in the county of Middlesex, on the 29th of July, 1819, aged nearly 88 years. His widow and only surviving child grateful for his conjugal and parental tenderness erect this marble.

No. 106. Here lieth the body of Sir Roger Beckwith, Bart., late of Aldborough, who dyed at Ripon, 6th of December, 1700.

No. 107. A. Caroline Webber, A.D. 1840. [On a brass plate near the altar.]

Monuments in the North Aisle of the Choir.

No. 108. H.S. Heneagius Dering, L L.D., Filius Natu maximus, Christoferi Dering de Charing in Coru, Cant., Arm. Rmo. Patri Johanni Sharp Eboracensi Archiepiscopo per viginti annos a secretis et a sacris domesticis. Hujus Ecclesiæ Collegiatæ per annos fere Quadraginta Decanus et Residentiarius. Ex Anna Uxori, dicti Archiepi Filiâ liberos reliquit superstites Elizabetham, Johanneni Annam Heneagium, Mariam, Philadelphiam, Juditham, obijt 8th Aprs., 1750, ætat 86. Resurgam.

[TRANSLATION.—H.S. Heneage Dering, L.L.D., eldest son of Christopher Dering of Charing, Gent., County Kent, for Twenty years Secretary and Chaplain to the Right Rev. Father John Sharp, Archbishop of York; for nearly Forty years, Dean and Residentiary of this Collegiate Church, he left surviving him Elizabeth, John, Anne, Heneage, Maria, Philadelphia, Judith, children by his wife Anna, daughter of the above Archbishop, died 8th Apr. 1750, aged 86.]