Cui communi sepulchro conjuncti sunt Robertus Dawson, filius primogenitus, qui obiit 13 Septembris, anno Domini 1614, et Beatrix Pudsey soror dictæ Priscillæ Dawson, et uxor Stephani Pudsey generosi, quæ obiit 5 die Martis, anno Dom., 1622, et Gilbertus Dawson, frater dicti Georgii Dawson, qui obiit 21 die Martis anno Dom. 1622. Dormiunt, non mortui sunt.

  [TRANSLATION.—To the best and chiefest God, and to the memory of Prisciila Dawson, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Stephen Proctor, Kt. A lady famous for the many and various qualifications both of the mind and body, who bore a beautiful offspring, both of boys and girls, to her beloved husband, George Dawson, Gent., viz., Robert, John, Stephen, Gilbert, Frances, and Dorothy. She slept peaceably in the Lord, in the 34th year of her age, the 25th of February, in the year of Our Lord 1622. Robert Dawson, her eldest son, lies in the same sepulchre, who died the 13th of September, 1614, and Beatrice Pudsey, sister to the said Priscilla Dawson, and wife of Stephen Pudsey, Gentleman, who died the 5th of March, A.D. 1622; and Gilbert Dawson, the said George Dawson's brother, who died the 21st of March, 1622. They sleep and are not dead.

Firma fides candor, pietas, moresque benigni,
  Priscilla, hic tecum condita cara jacent.
Quid dixi hæc? Terrâ terrena mole relicta,
  Ad superas secum te rapuere domos.

Constancy, beauty, manners, piety,
  Here, (O Priscilla) lie interr'd with thee.
Why say I thus? Thy virtues did thee move,
  From earth below unto the blest above.

No. 103. This monument is defaced, but the following is a copy of the original inscription: M. S. Moysis Fowler, sacræ theologiæ Baccalaurei, hugus Ecclesiæ Collegiatæ Sancti Wilfridi de Ripon, ac serenissimo Principe Jacobo restauratæ, Decani primi; necnon Danielis Fowler in artibus Magistri, Moysis filii, ac suæ uxoris Janæ Fowler. Danielis officium sacernum esse hoc monumentum testamento suo voluit refici.

  [TRANSLATION.—Sacred to the memory of Moses Fowler, Batchelor of Divinity. first Dean of this Collegiate Church of St. Wilfrid, of Ripon, refounded by his most sacred Majesty King James; and also of Daniel Fowler, Master of Arts, son of the aforesaid Mosea, and Jane Fowler, his wife. The aforesaid Daniel, through a pious inclination, ordered this monument to be repaired by his last will and testament.

Below the monument on a black stone was the following inscription:

Cœlum, terra, homines, de re rixantur eadem;
  Fowlerium quisquis vendicat esse suum.