and lies entombed beside his mother, whose amiable dispositions he inherited, whose virtues he imitated and equalled. Mary Catherine, their daughter, died in her infancy and is buried at Topcliffe.

The Vaults beneath tbe Chapter House.

No. 92. 1814, Richard Wood, of Hollin Close Hall, Esquire, died 8th day of December, aged 70 years.

No. 93. 1797, Richard Wood, of Hollin Close Hall, Esquire, died the 25th day of September, aged 86 years.

No. 94. 1797, on the same day, died EIizabeth Wood, wife of the said Richard Wood, Esquire, aged 70 years.

No. 95. A. H. D. W., æt. 51, 1797.

No. 96. 1792, William Weddell, of Newby Hall, Esqr., died 28th of April, in the 56th year of his age; also, Elizabeth his widow, died July 12th, 1831, aged 82.

No. 97. T. D, W., æt. 17th, 1799.

No. 98. Here lieth the body of John Williamson, Esquire, of Holling in the county of York, Barrister at Law, who departed this life the 15th of Novr., in the year of Our Lord, 1835, aged 67 years. He was 14 years Recorder of this Borough.

No. 99. William Williamson departed this life 4th of January, 1818, aged 87 years: Ann Williamson, wife of the above, departed this life 20th of June, 1814, aged 80 years.

No. 100. 1814, James Lucas, obiit 6th December, aged 70 years.

No. 101. John Cayley, Esq., of Sharow Lodge, youngest son of Sir George Cayley, Bt., died 14th Novr. 1818, aged 77 years; Catherine Cayley, widow of the above John Cayley, and youngest daughter of the late Richard Langley, Esqr. of Wykeham Abbey, died March the 21st, 1823, aged 77 years.

The Monuments in the South Aisle of the Choir.

No. 102. Deo optimo maximo, et memoriæ Priscillæ Dawson, unius. filiarum et cohæredum Domini Stephani Proctor, militis. Fœminæ multis variisq. et animi et corporis dotibus insigniis; quæ pulchram charissimo marito suo Georgio Dawson generoso utriusque sexus prolem enixa, silicet, Robertum, Johannem, Stephanum, Gilbertum, Franciscam, et Dorotheam. Annos nata 34 placide in Dominum obdormivit, Februarii 25, A. D. 1622.