wife of the above Robert William Darley, Esqr., who died December 23rd, 1813, aged 75 years.

No. 80. Sacred to the memory of Thomas Preston, Esq., who died Febry. 24th, 1803, aged 62 years; Elizabeth Preston died April the 28th, 1807, aged 65 years.

No. 81. Peace to the manes of Thomas Preston, Gentleman, here interred the 15th of June, 1769, in the 79th year of his age; also in memory of Mary, his sister, relict of the Rev. John Lowther, A.B., who died the 21st of Febry., 1771, aged 80 years; Deborah, widow of the above Thomas Preston, declin'd this life the 9th July, 1775, aged 65 years.

No. 82. Sacred to the memory of Deborah, the wife of Thomas Metcalfe, Esq., who died the 10th May, 1820, aged 73 years; also the above Thomas Metcalfe, Esq., died the 23rd January, 1823, aged 67 years.

No. 83. Sacred to the memory of Richard Browne, Captain in the Royal Navy, who died the 2nd day of July, 1802, aged 41 years.

No. 84. Sacred to the memory of the Revd. John Browne, who departed this life the 5th of October, 1807, aged 38 years, A.B.; also of Dorothy, youngest daughter of the above, who died February 11th, 1836, aged 29 years.

No. 85. Mr. Thos. Preston, Organist of this Church 40 years, dyed 15 October, 1730, aged 67; Mary, his wife, died the 6th March, 1739, in the 78th year of her age; Frances, their daughter, died the 6th Septr., 1775, aged 80 years.

No. 86. Here lyeth the body of Mr. Walter Lister, the 6th son of Sir John Lister, late of Kingston-upon-Hull, Knight, who departed this life the 13th of December, in the yeare of Our Lord 1682, aged 54 years.

No. 87. To the memory of Eliza, eldest daughter of the late Colonel Wood, of Hollin Hall, who departed this life April 22nd, 1840, aged 63.

No. 88. D.O.M. Jordanus Crossland de Nube, miles, Constabularius de Scarborough, et custos ejusdem Castri, chiliarchus a Carolo primo et secundo, magna cum laude vixit, et pari cum gloria obiit 20 Augusti, an. a partu Virginis, 1670, ætatis me 53.

Deo pius, regi fidelis, patriæ fidus.
Firmior ad patriæ nullus, vel fortior armis
Ad sacra regalis jura tuenda domus.
Sæpe rebellantis media inter prælia gentis,